Bad week for London, Ontario

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Bad week for London, Ontario

That banana throwing incident was completely disgraceful.

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Definitely a bad week for Londoners.

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I went to Fanshawe in the early 1970s. The cops drove around in black paddy wagons. Used to be a lot of drugs - LSD, pot, etc, at UWO and downtown - this was the time of hippies but before the yippies and yuppies I guess. I went to a few concerts there (Wonderland - Little Richard, MC5, etc...) but was always paranoid because of narcs. Jane Fonda came to one of our Fanshawe events after being delayed by Canadian border cops. London is the only place in my 62 years where I had a cycling accident - a woman cut me off turning right, wrecked my front wheel and I was thrown over the hood of her car. Happy to get out of that place!