Chow for Mayor?

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Thanks for the link, Brachina.  I believe the DRL is something that experts initially recommended for the the distant future, but given the failure to proceed with LRT (specifically Transit City), they stated that maybe the DRL should be given a higher priority.  That I feel would be an error, and would take funding away from the more achievable short term goals.  I hope Olivia doesn't get too drawn into this.  Hopefully she'll clearly push for Transit City.  At this point the DRL is more pie in the sky, and I'm glad she's making this case.



The Iron Sheik supports Olivia Chow for Toronto mayor

TORONTO - The Iron Sheik was set on meeting Toronto’s mayor on Saturday but ended up meeting with one of Rob Ford’s biggest rivals.

The legendary WWE Hall of Famer shared a table with Chow at a downtown sandwich shop hours before the world premiere of a documentary — The Sheik — chronicling his life.

The 72-year-old former pro-wrestler, whose real name is Khosrow Vaziri, had one major complaint: that Ford apparently did not take up his lunch invite on Saturday.

“Rob Ford, you are the real jabroni because we invite you to come today (to) Belly Busters, you didn’t show up, we invite you to come see the Iron Sheik movie, you didn’t come,” the Sheik complained as cameras rolled inside the King St.-Spadina Ave. sub shop.


And Olivia has already apologized for her mistake.  Laughing 


 She made no mistake, the Iron Shiek did. This guilt by association bullshit is getting riduculus. She should not have apologized this.