Ford Desecration Pt III

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The committee will vote later this week on introducing three new fees: $2 to swim in the city’s outdoor pools, $2 to visit Riverdale Farm and a yet-to-be determined fee to check out a DVD from the Toronto Public Library.

“To start charging kids for swimming, for books, for movies, for whatever, it constitutes a war on children in this city,” Councillor Adam Vaughan told reporters. “As far as I’m concerned Toronto’s kids count and if this council doesn’t have the courage to tax a car where does it get the gumption to start taxing kids?

“Is that what this city has come down to? We’re going to ding kids because we’re afraid to tax adults?”

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This is horrible. We're living our lives on the backs of our future. Time to carry our weight. I shudder to think where I'd be without some collective help from my country nevermind where we're heading.


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Vaughan is certainly among the most vocal and visible on a host of issues. I'm a Joe Mihevc fan and think he's got what it takes to be mayor although winning an election (for anyone) won't necessarily be a cakewalk.

Seems like lots of talk over rookie Kristen Wong-Tam, too.


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