Ford Desecration Pt IV - the march to Detroit continues

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Well, Rosie Barton - not that I put much stock in anything she says - pointed out that she has legal information that all Ford has to do is pay back the $3000 or whatever it was, and maybe an apology, and he's off the hook.

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I'll make sure to remember that defence next time I rob a bank.

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MS: Laughing 

I think Ford is digging in his heels from what I saw on the CBC lst night - maybe he expects Toronto City Council to back him up on this?

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So what if the majority on council does "back him up"? How is that relevant to the courts?

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Testify on his behalf and suggest a compromise whereby he pay the $3000+ and make a pubic statement - maybe an apology? His defense attorney might make the argument that this is all a bit much, and ask for the charges to be dropped - with the support of Council? There could be other avenues to pursue as well.


I would love to see Ford thrown out of office, but I'm not holding my breath.

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Yeah, that was shown on P&P last night. I'll be watching this case as best as I can, because I can't stand Ford, and I don't even live there. I still think Ford will survive this, however, but hope springs eternal.


Thank Writer for posting the law on conflict of interest:

Duty of Member

When present at meeting at which matter considered

5.  (1)  Where a member, either on his or her own behalf or while acting for, by, with or through another, has any pecuniary interest, direct or indirect, in any matter and is present at a meeting of the council or local board at which the matter is the subject of consideration, the member,

(a) shall, prior to any consideration of the matter at the meeting, disclose the interest and the general nature thereof;

(b) shall not take part in the discussion of, or vote on any question in respect of the matter; and

(c) shall not attempt in any way whether before, during or after the meeting to influence the voting on any such question. R.S.O. 1990, c. M.50, s. 5 (1).

So Ford had an "indirect interest" in the matter in which he brought up. At least he could have been wiser (I know, I know) and had his brother bring up the matter but R. Ford is not wise. R. Ford than went on and violated (a), (b), and (c).

It's not relevant at this time what city council has to say as it is before the courts. He is either guilty or not. The charge "conflict of interest" is not about paying the money and thus it too is irrelevant to the case before the courty. The leeway would be whether he knew or should have known he was in conflict.  Thus here is where R.Ford could play dumb and thus be found guilty but get some lenancy. But since he has shown in the past to declare "conflicts of interest" it could be shown that he knew he was in conflict but decided to "abuse his position of power" on city council when he knowingly became the mayor and having a majority on his side to vote the matter down.


Freedom 55 wrote:
Crossing my fingers that this bid is more successful for Toronto folks than Larry O'Brien's legal saga was for Ottawans.

And jealous of the fact that there is no mechanism in place to have the mayor of Winnipeg removed from office.


well Aristotleded 24, it requires activitist citizens to attend meetings and read minutes of meetings to ensure correct goverance processes are followed. Conflict of interest must be citizen led. So a politician does not have to disclose their conflict and it is not the role of mandate or responsibility of the governing body to tell the politician they may have a conflict.

Sometimes those who are elected and more often are elected in more lofty positions such as majors think that the position comes with "special privleges" and they become blind or ignore their conflicts.

howeird beale

Maysie wrote:

This is what happens when no-brain fuckwad bullies run the city.

Councillor Doug Ford tangles with verbally abusive bike courier


Doug has been a kick boxer 10 years . . . I guarantee you that guy would have been history in about two seconds."


It is to laugh. A kick boxer?? really?? Laughing This guy couldn't lift his leg higher than his knee. Anybody ever see Beverly Hills Ninja with Chris Farley?


And from the Toronto Public Library, another appeal:

"Our public library needs your support once again.

Librarians and staff have been standing firm, refusing to accept Mayor Ford’s agenda to diminish our public library. At the same time the Mayor’s negotiators have pushed us to the brink, demanding measures that will reduce service for those who depend on our world class public library and setting the stage for branch closures next year.

It has not been an easy road. We are quickly reaching the point where the threat of a city-wide closure of our cherished public library may become a reality.

As early as March 18, libraries in Toronto may go dark.1

But, working together I believe we can inject some much needed sense into the City’s negotiators.

Please take action to defend our public library.

Remember, we are dealing with the same appointees who tried and failed to slash neighbourhood branches and vital library programs. This same intent and behavior has been playing out in contract negotiations for several weeks since I last wrote to you.

Right now, we’re trying to reach a new agreement that protects the quality of your library services.

But the City insists on more cuts to front line staff.

They want to make even more librarians and staff part-time and open the door for further reductions to both staff and services. The effect of this would be to starve our library system.

If this happens, there is simply no way to maintain the quality of library service citizens expect and count on. You and 1.25 million Torontonians who hold a library card deserve better.

Please take action to defend Toronto Public Library services.

Today, too many library staff are limited to working part-time, even though there is a crying need for full-time career library workers to maintain the quality of service that is the hallmark of our system.

The City's decision to increasingly rely on part-timers is a slow but sure way to deteriorate service standards. What took decades to build - a truly wonderful library system that is the envy of the world - is being dismantled hour by hour, even as the popularity of the service grows.

It’s a travesty and we won’t stand for it.

Toronto's library system is the world's busiest , and is getting busier by the month. Yet library staff has been cut more than any other frontline public service - nearly 20% since city amalgamation in 1998.2

If you love your local library, and want to protect the services we provide, please contact your City Councillor right now!"


And they are the first on strike against the destruction of their livelihood, and against the anti-intellectualism of Ford and the Bean Counters.


From the library employees:

"We worked around the clock last weekend, extending the deadline several times trying to find a solution. At the end, the City’s negotiators would not budge from their demand for the right to fire librarians and staff anytime they want, for whatever reason they want.

This is the stumbling block.

In all good conscience, it is a demand that we cannot accept. Especially after you and thousands of others defended our public library with such passion and conviction. For if we did, the door would be wide open for Mayor Ford and his allies on Council to fire the staff that run your neighbourhood branch, then close it. Or, to fire staff to make it easy to privatize entire library services.

The key for Mayor Ford is to have the unfettered right to fire library staff. That would allow him to close branches, cut programs and privatize services at will.

When the 2012 Library budget was passed, we escaped deeper cuts by just one vote. Luckily for library lovers, one of Mayor Ford’s allies on Council was absent that day. So we will have the same struggle to protect our public library during next year’s budget process. In the meantime, Mayor Ford is preparing by trying to win the right to chop over half the entire staff of the Toronto Public Library.

Don’t forget, since 2011 Toronto Public Library service for the Hospital for Sick Children has been cut, service to Bridgepoint Hospital has been cut, the Urban Affairs Library closed, and the service desk for the Centre for People with Disabilities at Toronto Reference Library has been closed.

The Library Board refuses to say why they are so keen to have these new powers to fire staff. But it must be so important that they are willing to shutter our public library to win this right.

After Mayor Ford campaigned on a promise to cut gravy but not services, I will leave it to others to draw their own conclusions."


<double post>


Rabble_Incognito wrote:

RevolutionPlease wrote:
Ford compares Councillors to Stalin:
“I consider him a left-wing NDPer. I’m not surprised. It’s just like saying Adam Vaughan or (Gord) Perks or (Janet) Davis or (Paula) Fletcher is not voting with me,” he said. “These people are all two steps left of Joe Stalin. So I’m not discouraged by that and I don’t expect it. They don’t care about the taxpayers. But I know one person who does and that’s me.”

It makes me want to raise the word 'fascist' but I know that kind of behaviour gets us in to trouble - it just reduces the argument to his level.


After today I won't be too surprised if Rob Ford ends up in a padded room mumbling "Subways...people want subways...subways, subways" to himself. He's halfway there.


That was a beaut. Unfortunately, the librarians who hit the bricks more than a week ago, might be reassured that they are on the side of the angels, but what hope that the Great Misled will ride to the rescue? Librarians are dispensable in the IT world. Why would the kids with the ass out of their pants need books? (Oh yeah, McGuinty has just dissolved the program meant to aid them...and there's zero increase for social welfare. Forgot.


"I am so happy to be writing to tell you that our public library re-opens today!

I am even more pleased to let you know that we now have an agreement that provides some insurance against unilateral service cuts for library patrons.

Without a doubt, we did not achieve this alone. You and tens of thousands of others who have defended our public library during the past year proved to be key in achieving this happy outcome.

Thank you for all you have done in support of our public library and its staff.

Yours sincerely,

Maureen O’Reilly
Toronto Public Library Workers Union


a lot of comments after this:

Tell me something: What did you expect? Mr. Ford had been on city council for 10 years when he ran for mayor. Thanks to his antics, he was in the news quite a bit. Unless you were living under a rock, you had to have a pretty good idea what he was about.

You knew he was a cranky Etobicoke councillor who said "Oriental" people "work like dogs" and cyclists have it coming if they are run over by a car. You knew about the dodgy behaviour like the abusive rant he pitched at an unsuspecting couple at a hockey game. You knew he had been upbraided for breaking council's integrity rules, only to thumb his nose at city officials when he was caught. You knew that he came to city council meetings when he felt like it, delivered a few juicy lines and checked out.

If you were paying even minimal attention, you knew all of this. If you knew it and voted for him anyway, you can hardly complain now. If you were not paying even minimal attention and cast a vote for him regardless, shame on you.

And don't say the media didn't warn you. When Mr. Ford was running for mayor in 2010, reporters and, ahem, newspaper columnists published dozens of articles on the many holes in his platform. They told you his budget numbers were wildly out of whack. They told you his plan to build a subway to Scarborough was all talk, no funding.




well thank the angels for that


One would hope they are not on the side of Ford.

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Small victories:

Hopefully, council keeps Ford as a lame duck until next election.


Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is threatening to freeze out all city hall media unless a Toronto Star reporter he got into a tense confrontation with outside his home is removed from the municipal affairs beat.

Ford told AM640's John Oakley on Thursday morning he "can't even find a word to describe how low" the Toronto Star has gone after his altercation with city hall reporter Daniel Dale.

"If Daniel Dale's ... down at city hall, I will not be talking to any reporters if he is part of that scrum. They have to take him out of city hall," said Ford.


After millionaire councillor Doug Ford insisted that he had seen the home security videos of the incident, the National Putz reports that the millionaire mayor won't be releasing the video. 

 "As far as we are concerned, the police have seen it, we don't need to prove that he was there, Daniel Dale admitted he was there, Rob caught him there, the neighbours saw him there," Doug Ford told the National Post.

When asked why not release the video to the public, considering Dale's and the mayor's versions of the events differ sharply, Doug Ford demurred.

"It's with the police right now, you can see his head bobbing up and down behind the fence, it's a distance from the cameras to the fence, but you can see distinctly his head bobbing," he responded.

Sounds a lot like the Marg Delahunty incident with the 9-1-1 call where the millionaire mayor allegedly told a dispatcher, "I'm Rob Fucking Ford". Ford denied saying it but refused to release the audio-tape. 

The latest incident is in relation to the millionaire mayor's bid to expand his backyard by purchasing land held by the Toronto Region Conservation Authority. 

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I cannot believe this monster hasn't been arrested yet (N.B. I can believe it)


#fencegate, humour, masculinity

People are always insensitive, this isn’t news. I’d say about half my feed was reacting to Ford’s behaviour and the other half was mocking Dale’s “wussiness.” (One of the worst was someone saying that learning Dale was soft spoken and slight made the situation even funnier to her.) But I can’t help but explore the root of this comedy gold, which is little more than a man who didn’t behave in a stereotypically masculine way, who fled instead of fought. That’s it. That’s what’s so hilarious.

Please. That’s embarrassing.

I certainly hope that the people mocking him have never been in similar situations or experienced violence, or the threat of violence. I hope that they’ve never known the fear of being hit or hurt. In fact, I’ll assume they haven’t because once you’ve felt that kind of fear, you find it difficult to laugh at.

I think it’s fair to say that when someone much larger than you who has a history of lying and violent behaviour—nicely summarized here—is charging at you, it’s reasonable to be afraid. I don’t like using examples like this, but if Ford was charging at a woman and she reacted the exact same way, no one would be mocking her. But because Dale is A MAN he needs to behave in MANLY WAYS. He didn’t, so he’s a wuss. He overreacted. He’s lesser.

Just another reminder that one of the worst things a person can be is not a man—in the stereotypical sense, of course.



Rob Ford is a liar and has no credibility - his past actions speak for him, and yet because he was not been charged and convicted he keeps getting away with it. This guy needs a police record to prevent him from running for any political office.

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I found this image very helpful to understand what happened. Thanks Polunatic who posted it on FB.


P.S. I of course am furious about this, on political and personal levels. His behaviour is disintegrating and he's clearly irrational and not capable of doing his job. I hope everyone who voted for him remembers this in fall 2014.

And, I fear for his spouse and family.


I saw this comment posted in the Globe site and I am reprinting parts of it with links - very interesting that the pics are now different and no one is talking much now.


"On the night of the incident those two cinder blocks were not "sitting one on top of the other"

Here is what they looked like:

The next day - as can be seen below - the blocks had been rearranged and stacked on each other when Ford presented them to the media as "evidence" that Dale used this perch to peek into his back yard and allegedly spy on his young family.!/JProskowGlobal/status/198179328343805952/photo/1

Who rearranged the cinder blocks and why?

The neighbors have suddenly clammed up after shadowing Ford for two days during his press scrums and chiming in with their version of events.

While they are being tight lipped now, notice how they wanted to make sure that the G&M reporter could see how - from the second floor - they had a clear line of sight to the cinder blocks!

They may be able to see the cinder blocks from their second floor window now that they have been rearranged but what about the night of the incident? Were they even on the second floor when they spotted Dale?

I suspect the police will be reviewing all the media interviews given by Ford and his neighbors and looking for inconsistencies in their statements".

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They come for us first until we do something about it. I'm dumb.

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Does everyone know the mayor has a radio show? Yeah. Yesterday's inspired this article by a friend. The headline softpedals what happened.

Rob Ford’s stupid and offensive radio show demeans us all

Dear world: please help us. Please.


help is on it's way writer - sgl or dbl shot?


Seriously, I wonder if the Fords *are* in the middle of some kind of suicide act--in the hopes that they'd be deemed "martyrs for their cause", of course...

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lol adma, we wish.

Sadly I think their egos and sense of entitlement as well as their dysfunctional macho dynamic are for real. They mean it, and yeah, they are THAT clueless about how they are coming across.

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"Fencegate" - LOL! Laughing


Toronto's mayor refused to speak to reporters on Tuesday during a very brief photo opportunity outside his office inside City Hall.

Rob Ford, who started a public weight loss campaign earlier this year - hoping to lose 50 pounds by the end of June - appeared in public for about 20 seconds, stepping on a scale outside his office door, then retreating back into his office.

This week the mayor gained four pounds from the 310 pounds he weighed eight days ago - but he was down 16 pounds overall since January.


Stress, caused by chasing that threatening reporter.

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I love that Dale's presence keeps Ford silent! Laughing


BB, you are absolutely right - good one!



Boom Boom wrote:

I love that Dale's presence keeps Ford silent! Laughing

Keeping him silent deprives Toronto of the greatest comedy act. Every day we check for the latest gaffe ...

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These guys are trying to play, good cop, bad cop, beware.

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For the love of sweet fuck all.

Bring back the death penalty in Canada: Mammoliti


"I think it is time for us to talk about how we deal with individuals who just don't have any morals at all and just don't care about the majority of society," he said.

Yeah, George, how should we deal with you, I mean, them?


Mammoliti's just looking for attention again.

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Sweet jumping Moses.

Doug Ford apologizes for using "Polack" to describe Rob Ford's wife.


Councillor Doug Ford used an anti-Polish slur on Sunday to refer to the wife of his brother, Mayor Rob Ford, then apologized.

Doug Ford made the comment during a discussion of the European soccer championship at the beginning of their weekly NewsTalk 1010 radio show.

"There's always so much action during the Euro Cup in Toronto, because we come from such diverse communities. That's what makes Toronto," Doug Ford said.

"They're so many great teams, I wouldn't want to pick one over the other. I guess (in the) Euro, you go back to the ancestors - boy, we go back quite a ways, but I'm not too sure - is there any WASPy teams on there? We're just Canadian," he said with a laugh. "Anyways - well, you're married to the Polack, so you gotta cheer for the Polish team."



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The contract with GFL is expected to save the city $11 million per year, and Ford views the deal as one of his key accomplishments. GFL’s long-term performance will affect both his political fortunes and the fate of his push for more outsourcing.

Isn't this 0.1% of the City's budget? That's what people are voting for?

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His office budget cut was even more pathetic. This is really sad??? Where's the Gravy, ROB?

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Why do folks so begrudge others? Why do we allow the media to create false narratives? What do we do about it?


Subway fans dream in Scarborough, thanks to province delaying Sheppard East LRT – again.

Opponents of the Sheppard East LRT project greeted the news with delight, with Scarborough-Agincourt Councillor Norm Kelly this week saying it gives subway extension supporters a chance for “one last clash between the forces of good and evil.”

Nice to see Kelly isn't hyperbolizing too much (sarcasm). He shouldn't get his hopes up, though. Unless there is either a pot of gold that McGuinty has stashed away for a Sheppard extension, or there is a credible private-sector case put forward (unlikely, given Ford couldn't pull one out of the hat last time around), a subway remains in the realms of fantasy.

Kelly's over-the-top rhetoric is of a piece with his last contribution to the Sheppard transit debate, though. I (and a few others, I'm guessing) still remember his disgusting little flyer, where he used the deaths on the Edmonton LRT for political gain, and a picture purportedly of Sheppard Avenue East. Except, it wasn't.