Ford Desecration Pt IV - the march to Detroit continues

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Toronto radio host thinks Rob Ford called in to defend Rob Ford on Thursday

Bill Carroll, who hosts afternoon drive from Los Angeles on Toronto talk radio station AM640, was quite confident that a passionate defender of Mayor Rob Ford — who identified himself as “Ian from Etobicoke” — was actually Ford himself.

“This guy, if he’s not the mayor, he could play one on the radio,” Carroll said to his on-air colleague Jeff MacArthur as they reviewed the drama that surrounded the mayor on Halloween.

Carroll said he was “90 to 95 per cent” certain that the voice, arguing against the incriminating nature of the “crack video” now seized by police, belonged to Ford based years of interviewing and listening to the embattled mayor — and enough experience to have a hunch when somebody is attempting to fake their audible identity by deepening their voice.

“I’ve spent my entire career listening to voices, editing tape, interviewing people,” said Carroll. “I’m almost like a blind guy.”

Comments on the call reached some consensus that it was not the mayor in spite of the the similar cadences — yet could have been his oldest brother Randy, who has maintained a low profile amidst the entire saga.

Listen for yourself at link

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I just want to add my appreciation to cco's Mulcair joke. Hahaha. 


i like this revisit of ms chow's comments re mr ford...

Ridiculosity says: November 1, 2013 at 11:18 am


Dear friends,

I believe in restorative justice. Which is the idea that we need to look for ways to help people who make serious mistakes in their lives — as and when they take responsibility for their actions, and accept accountability.

Like all Canadians, I was very disappointed to learn that Stephen Harper has not been telling the people of Canada the truth about the ongoing Senate scandal. Many of this month’s revelations about Harper’s closest associates, activities and personal problems are also deeply troubling.

Prime Minister Harper obviously faces some serious challenges in his life. I hope he finds help soon.

I also believe that as our Prime Minister he must take responsibility for his actions. A good place to start would be for him to now face up to the truth, and to tell it.

Our country deserves better.



Excellent, and thanks quizzical.

As much as many here may disagree with him politically, it's obvious that the Mayor of Toronto has serious personal issues to deal with in this unfolding human tragedy.



Ford is Ford, and he'll cling to the Mayor's seat come hell or high water.  He's been Ford all his life, and his behaviour has been the same for the last 13 years.  I'll reserve the we must extend a helping hand ethos until he actually says, "Hey, I gotta problem and gotta take a leave until I'm fit to come back for the good of tax payers."  Because now, all he is saying is screw you, maggots, I'm here till the next election, and me an' my nation are gonna win -- it'll be a bloodbath!  Unless someone or something else removes him, he's there for the next year.

Junkyard Dog

Once again, those Taiwanese animators do a number on His Oafship:

As does that venerable institution, Mad Magazine:

And I understand all the usual late night talk show host suspects are positively de-lighted with all the ammmunition Ford is handing them for generating cruel laughter. Jon Stewert probably turned a sumersault in midair out of sheer joy when he heard about Boss Hogg's latest whoospie-doodles. Giggle! Tee hee!

Meanwhile, did a drunken Ford call Bill Carroll under an assumed name to defend his, er, "honor?" I've been following debates about this at a few different forums, and a lot of people do indeed think it was him (some of them think he was attempting to disguise his voice), or that it might have been one of his siblings. The fact that "Ian from Etobicoke" immediately hung up when Carroll asked him point-blank if he was the Mayor looks pretty strange, if nothing else.

In the meantime, to momentarily raise the tone above sewer-level - which is the natural level of discourse whenever Rob Ford happens to be the topic of discussion - I have to say, Olivia Chow's recent public statement about Ford was pretty damn classy...but then (let's face it), political expediency probably demanded as much. Not that I think Chow's comments weren't completely sincere. She's a class act. (Unlike those of us sharpening our knives online in preparation for the carnage to come!)

And unlike Mayor Cartman himself, needless to say. I'm not surprised that Ford's apparently going to hang on to City Hall like grim death. Or that he's going to try to, at any rate. With such charming details now being released such as RoFo urinating in public and tossing empty liquor bottles by the dozen from his car window as he drives off, reportedly hammered, it's only a matter of time until he's tossed out like yesterday's garbage, all dignity completely obliterated. Small wonder the Toronto Sun - and even Sue-Ann Levy!!! - has turned on him so completely; they recognize that he's a liability now. Well, this is the way he insisted on doing things, and now that it's turned out this way, he has no-one but himself to thank for it.


Junkyard Dog wrote:

As does that venerable institution, Mad Magazine:

"Mayor of Moronto" -- An astute observation, I'd say.

Junkyard Dog

Does anyone remember Shannon Everett, the woman who supposedly "attacked" Ford last June when she spilled a drink on him? At the time, the Fords were using this incident as proof positive that Rob was the most victimized martyr in the entire history of the world. Except that things might not have happened quite as the Two-Headed Mayor of Toronto claimed:

Yeah, yeah, I know: Rob and Doug Ford were being somewhat less than truthful? Land sakes, whoever heard of such a thing? And, yes, the insignificant nature of this episode makes its debunking petty as hell - under normal circumstances, I know my own reaction would be along the lines of, "Who gives a shit?" - but it also makes the Fords even pettier for trying to spin political hay out of it. The fact that Everett could have potentially faced rather serious consequences makes the entire incident something more than the joke that it at first appears to be. And frankly, the fact that the Fords were perfectly willing to fuck this woman over for something she didn't even do means we should view with a very critical eye all the calls we're hearing to puff up with human compassion and treat Ford as some kind of victim. He certainly doesn't subscribe to that mindset himself when it comes to other people.


she should sue him.....


Ossington Creative’s Plummer told NOW he decided to post the footage after reading Everett’s interview in the Star, which he felt misrepresented how close the drink had come to hitting Ford. Plummer says the mayor’s staff did not ask him to take the video down but he did so because he didn’t want to give Ford’s office “a headache.”

When I asked the mayor on Tuesday, October 29, if he stood by his story in light of the video, he said, “Absolutely. She threw a drink at my face. It’s over. It’s water under the bridge now. It’s over and done with, so that’s it.”

NOW provided Everett with a copy of the footage, and she responded by email. “This video is proof that the dramatic claims Rob Ford made about me that day are false,” she wrote.

It's slander.