Hurricane Hazel

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Hurricane Hazel

The inquiry probing the possible violation of conflict of interest rules by longtime Mississauga, Ont., Mayor Hazel McCallion has found that she had a "real and apparent conflict of interest."

The City of Mississauga judicial inquiry report by Justice Douglas Cunningham ruled that McCallion was inappropriately involved in a failed $14.4-million land deal between the city and World Class Developments, a development company partly owned by her son, Peter McCallion.

The report states that people "fortunate enough to enjoy friendships" with the mayor have reaped benefits from those ties, and that the popular mayor's actions raise "significant concerns."

Sean in Ottawa


Witch Hazel

Found on Wicki:

Witch-hazel helps to shrink and contract blood vessels back to normal size, hence its use as the active ingredient in many hemorrhoid medications.


Oh sorry-- you mean Hurricane Hazel.


Carry on.


Way to get the Wiccans pissed off at us, Sean.Wink


Net effect? None. She'll be allowed to complete the remainder of her term or die in office, whichever comes first.


Joking about her dying in office doesn't sound very nice, Doug.

I have no doubt she's not perfect but she is one of the most popular mayors IN THE WORLD and that's obviously because for the most part she gave her constituents personal care and attention that most other mayors do not.

Sean in Ottawa

I apologize to Wiccans



Given her age, dying in office is probably stastically more likely than completing her term.

Sean in Ottawa

I don't wish anyone dead but an early retirement would be ok.


Death is inevitable, retirement isn't. I'm sure if she ran again she would get re-elected.

Lens Solution

Caissa wrote:

Given her age, dying in office is probably stastically more likely than completing her term.

Perhaps, but look at some of those U.S. politicians who stay in office until they are 90+ years old!

remember Senator Strom Thurmond?  (Republican segragationist).  He was in office until he was 100! Surprised


If a Toronto bus driver does anything untoward or even appearing untoward, the new policy seems to be to fire them immediately and ask questions later. Texting. Eating. Dealing "improperly" with the public. Gone. Toronto's mayor encourages vigilantism for this crackdown on all public servants. In Mississauga, the mayor can get away with anything.