Kathleen "I don't recall" Wynne at Trial

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Kathleen "I don't recall" Wynne at Trial

Wynne gave the standard lawyerly answer meant to avoid the possibility of perjury charges in the future whenever anything that could be dangerous came up in her testimony: "I don't recall".

A little nervous at the beginning, Wynne was clearly well-rehearsed: memory loss on any details that could land her in trouble — “I don’t recall the specifics of the conversation” being a common refrain — and then forthright when in less dangerous territory.

Wynne had a narrow tightrope to walk: Separate herself from any taint of wrongdoing without throwing her good friend, Sorbara, and Lougheed, an important party powerbroker, under the bus.

But try as she might, by the end of her testimony, the smell of road kill was heavy in the air.