NDP vs. NDP on Deficit Spending

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Necessity for a country includes more than what citizens need to survive physically. Surely we are beyond cave people. For a country to survive it better provide more than that. To compete in today's world takes a healthy educated population and excellent public transit and infrastructure in general. One of Amazon's must haves is good public transit. 

Not to invest in these things is a false economy especially when the money is so readily available to pay off the deficit. We've been reducing taxes for decades. 

Mr. Magoo

At this point, rather than debating all those things that may or may not be necessities, perhaps it would be helpful to look at those expenditures that the NDP would get rid of in order to balance the budget, and get a better idea of whether those specific things are necessities or not so much.

What necessities was/is the NDP prepared to lose?  Note that I'm not asking what things they COULD fund, because babble doesn't have the bandwidth to publish a list of that size.  I'm asking what things are being tossed, either from recent budgets or NDP policy/promises.

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Good questions.  Anybody actually know how you get answers from Dipper Central Office?

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A first principle on this would be that, in a decent society, in a country that labels itself "civilized", no one should ever have to struggle to simply live.