OEB Approved Hydro Delivery to Condos = BIG Profits, WYSE METERS

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OEB Approved Hydro Delivery to Condos = BIG Profits, WYSE METERS

hello OEB,

Why are the hydro delivery charges to condominium units so darn expensive?  37 bucks a month multiplied by twelve months is $444 a year, just in delivery fees.  And for what exactly?

WYSE hydro sub metering company bill has 37 month delevery charge

And this money goes straight into the pockets of this privately owned company - WYSE METERS - not to Toronto Hydro or a government agency.

close on hydro bill

The delivery charge is explained on the reverse of the bill; they claim line loss and infrastructure as reasons.
Whyse Hydro bill delivery charges explained

But we know Toronto Hydro services the building ...? Consumers today are not stupid.  We know they have no line loss from the generating station.

Why does the OEB approve of such a steep tax on consumers to be paid direct to this privately owned company?

It's sickening when you think of how many condo units there are here in this building alone, and how many buildings there are just like this in Toronto.


When the delivery charge is higher than the cost of the power, it greatly reduces consumers' natural inclinations to conserve power.

They say 'why bother'?  And that is exactly what I say now after saving power all summer by not using AC and still seeing a $300 bill in Sept.

Less than half of the bill is actual power usage, the rest is money grubbing fees from this rude privately owned utility company.

So why bother trying to save power?

I'm not going to bother anymore .


Any 0ne with a electrical engineering background can see it is a total scam. Who is being paid off?