Ontario to go Cap and Trade

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Ontario to go Cap and Trade

 While I don't trust or like the Premier, this is good news and I will give credit where credit is do, its the right thing to do. It also makes Mulcair protected from any attacks for his own Cap and Trade plans from Trudeau.


 Could this blunt the NDPs bounce back in Ontario's polls?


 Or is privatizing Hydro One, Closing schools, firing Nurses, and countless scandals too much for cap and trade to make up for?


Cap and trade isn't nearly enough to make up for the damage the Ontario Liberals have done IMO.

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Rewarding carbon efficiency is a no-brainer when it comes to overall economic output. At about 12 tonnes per person Ontario is going to need a 20% or 25% cut in the near term.

If the private markets come in with fuel-efficient projects to take advantage of Ontario's new carbon trading scheme, McGuinty's decision to cancel the natural gas plants will be seen as 'visionary'. Saving Dalton McGuinty's political reputation is more important to Ontario Liberals than life, death, health care, police, schools, hospitals, etc. There is still the unanswered question that is never answered by any Liberal:

Why did Dalton McGuinty resign?