OntarioConservatives and Liberals Failed to Stop Private Schools Giving Fake Grades for Money

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OntarioConservatives and Liberals Failed to Stop Private Schools Giving Fake Grades for Money

Evidence shows that both the provincial Conservative and Liberal governments have done little to stop private schools giving out grades for money, as well as inflating grades and attendance records, in order to help these 'students' get into post-secondary schools. Such schools have grades 20-30% higher than public schools. 

While many Ontarians work hard for their grades, it seems that some high school students may have been able to purchase a variety of their grades without ever attending a single class. One Toronto teacher is speaking out after several private high schools in the GTA were accused of falsifying report cards for high school students, for the right price. It's reported that Toronto students who bought their grades allowed them to get into a variety of Canadian universities and colleges that they would have otherwise been rejected from. 

Alice Boyle, a recently retired public school teacher in York Region, told CityNews that some students have been buying their grades for the past decade. 

According to Boyle, students who were often struggling in public school would drop out and pay for grades in some of the private schools around the GTA. Boyle claims that students could give around $800 to a credit mill, where students would be asked what class and what grade they needed to get into university. 

However, this doesn't seem to be a new scheme. Back in 2011, the Toronto Star reported on the exact same issue, stating that multiple Ontario students were paying for their grades to get them into college. ...

This often included paying for a grade change, paying $100 to redo a test with limited supervision and access to the internet, or paying to have hard questions removed for a final test. 

Grades in these private schools are expected to be 20-30 percent higher than those that are earned by regular students.