Petition for Ontario Security Guards

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Petition for Ontario Security Guards

Hey Sisters & Brother,s

I just wanted to let you know that I have a petition to the Ontario Government on the go. I'm petitioning the government to raise the wage of Security Guards to $15 per hour.
Which isn't really a lot considering the responsibility and the cost of becoming one. To become a guard today, you have to pay anywhere from $300 to $600 for a Security Course, $75 for a test and $80 for a license. While the costs are on the rise, most Security Guards make minimum wage.
We have to work toward small changes...but this is how it starts. Lets stand up and fight for a fair wage for those who keep us safe 24/7/365!!!

For copies of the petition, questions, concerns or more information please contact me at [email protected]

Thanks so much!

In solidarity,



[url=]Ontario Security Guard Fair Wage Bill[/url]

It's not clear whether the petition is looking primarily for Ontario residents to sign, or anyone at all. Can you clarify?

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Thank you for the question. Yes....this petition is just for Ontario residence. Simpliar legislation has been made in other provinces, it's time for Ontario to catch up. Thanks. Please let everyone know!