Today was a good day for the NDP

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Today was a good day for the NDP

 The Accountablity office bill passed and the Tories and Liberals basically fucked themselves with the union busting absolutely corrupt bill that even Randy Hillier couldn't stomach. That bill has to be the stupidest thing Kai Wynn has ever done in her political life. I mean its a nake bribe for goodness sakes.


 I expect this kind of stupidity from Hudak, its to the point where I'm almost starting to believe he's an NDP plant designed to destroy the PC's from the inside out ;p


amirite, RevolutionPlease? Wink


I don't think a bad day for labour is necessarily a good day for the NDP.


Brachina wrote:

 The Accountablity office bill passed and the Tories and Liberals basically fucked themselves with the union busting absolutely corrupt bill that even Randy Hillier couldn't stomach. That bill has to be the stupidest thing Kai Wynn has ever done in her political life. I mean its a nake bribe for goodness sakes.


 I expect this kind of stupidity from Hudak, its to the point where I'm almost starting to believe he's an NDP plant designed to destroy the PC's from the inside out ;p

I'm totally confused.  Could you provide a link to what you're discussing?  When I did a search for "accountability office bill" I came up with this site, entitled "New Democrats delivering results: Financial Accountability Office becomes law".  If this is what you're referring to, then it hardly seems the NDP are opposed to it -- IE, there's nothing there to suggest the NDP feel it's "the stupidest thing Kathleen Wynne has ever done".  In fact, quite the opposite.  The post on that site is dated September 26, 2013, so it's a relatively recent event.


The ONDP championed an accountability office and oversite due to the scandals in spending related to Orange and gas plants (to name a few).

The reference is in the site you link to

Horwath contrasted this with a move by Conservatives and Liberals today to ram through legislation designed to help a single company out of a contract with their union.

“These are the sort of results we can deliver when we focus on the people who elected us. Unfortunately, as we see today, the Liberals and Conservatives seem far more interested in helping well-connected insiders and party donors,” said Horwath. “Our priority is helping people in their daily lives and delivering accountable government, not helping well-connected insiders.”

It relates to Lib And Cons tog doing some union busting together.

New Democrats will oppose Liberals and Conservative efforts to ram EllisDon Bill through the Legislature

New Democrat Leader Andrea Horwath says efforts by Liberals and Conservatives to ram through a bill, designed by lobbyists to benefit construction giant EllisDon (Bill 74)


Oh, okay, that makes sense.  It's the EllisDon Bill that's being referred to.


Ok. That makes more sense and is a mild relief. The Liberals and PCs pass an isolated, speciific anti-labour bill and the NDP (and labour) can fairly use it as a stick to beat them with.


Which has a huge impact on the building trades and labour in the province and nationally - remember ellisDon is a huge national construction company that is doing very well financially so now it doesn't have to hire union labour.

EllisDon affair hasn’t tipped the balance on Ontario campaign-finance reform

The Tories might have had only the best of intentions in proposing a bill freeing EllisDon from a 55-year-old agreement that requires it to hire only union workers, and so too might the Liberals in agreeing to go along with it. Progressive Conservative MPP Monte McNaughton, who brought forward the legislation, has argued that the existing arrangement places the domestic company at a disadvantage next to foreign competitors, and that may well be reason enough to help put an end to it.


 The both the Tories and Liberals got money from these DonEllis people and this is the big thank you. Outright corruption, people should be going to jail for bribery charges as far as I'm concerned.

 And yes the Accountablity Office is a good thing.


Those in charge get to make the rules and thus nobody will go to jail.


 Sadly true.


The Liberals have pulled support for the EllisDon bill due to a court decision, though may reconsider if it's appealed. 

“What she (Wynne) has basically said is, ‘We won’t legislate to take away your rights as long as you don’t fight for your rights in the courts.’ ” NDP Leader Andrea Horwath told reporters at Queen’s Park.


going to be appealed by the tin workers - see


That news comes at the same time as Premier Kathleen Wynne appears to be trying to distance herself from a private member's bill that will legislate the same advantage for the firm should it pass. EllisDon is a major Liberal donor.

What's more, Bill 74 will likely face a Charter of Rights challenge in the courts if passed, says Ontario Sheet Metal Workers counsel Eric Comartin.

"A number of unions are considering a Charter challenge to Bill 74, if it passes, as inconsistent with the right to freedom of association," says Comartin.

But first, the Sheet Metal Workers are seeking leave to appeal the Divisional Court ruling last week that EllisDon is not bound to a 1958 agreement that ensured it used only unionized workers.

Meanwhile, Premier Kathleen Wynne appears to be trying to extricate herself from the uncomfortable position of appearing to give preferential treatment to the major Liberal donor, now that the courts have ensured EllisDon can use non-union labour outside the GTA.


 Wynn's trying to have it both ways,  epic fail.


Be interesting to see what Wynne's position will be now.


 If Wynn keeps flip flopping it will only do her more damage.

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I just saw the election results from Nova Scotia.  Could someone explain which day was a good one for the NDP.  Obviously, it wasn't today.


Well the new Lib NS govt key promise he plans to keep:

2. End the monopoly on electricity rates

McNeil said his election will mean the end of Nova Scotia Power’s monopoly on consumers in the province. His plan is to open the market, and allow private power producers to sell directly to customers.

The premier-designate believes competition will help stabilize the market.

The Liberals admit competition won’t appear overnight, but they now have the mandate to start making changes.

4 changes Stephen McNeil is promising for Nova Scotia

Meanwhile in Ontario, the Liberal govt in which the new Lib NS is going to ape: 1.1 billion dollar boondoggle

Governments of all stripes inevitably screw up. The real recklessness in the gas plant boondoggle was not so much that the Liberals were politically crass (they were) or blind to economic realities (they were) or incompetent negotiators (they were).

No, the original sin by the Liberals was that they locked themselves into a high-stakes poker game with slick private power operators through the gradual privatization of electricity generation in this province — first by auctioning off part of our publicly owned nuclear fleet and hydro dams, then parcelling out gas-fired power plants.


The real tragedy of the billion-dollar boondoggle is not about faulty actuarial assumptions, but misguided ideological underpinnings: By sidelining OPG and publicly owned power, the Liberals boxed themselves in.

The stealth privatization of Ontario’s gas plants over the past decade set the stage for the inevitable payouts that we now face for decades to come. And that’s a billion dollars.

The banality of billion-dollar boondoggles: Cohn


I don't often agree with Toronto Star columnist, Martin Regg Cohn, but I have to say his column this week sums up nicely the origins of the billion dollar boondoggle, and they go back to Mike Harris, Tim Hudak and the privatization of power generation and delivery. 

If the ONDP plays its cards right, it can target the Liberals as incompetent, which they are, for signing ridiculous sweetheart deals with the private sector, but can also point to Hudak and company as being responsible for selling off public power and setting up a system where private operators can fleece the public through P4s (public pays gor private profit).

If Andrea and the party simply parrot Hudak about the money wasted without identifying Hudak as part of the problem, the NDP will probably end up helping the Tories win a majority, while getting clobbered in the next election.  Sadly, it will be their own fault. 

Here's the link:




Also the privatization is also within the Green energy sector for industrial wind turbines (options) and solar panels. So oil companies like Enbridge come to town (and other private wind generating companies) and try to entice sections of communities to option their land for these industrial wind turbines, pitting neighbour against neighbour. It's all very secretive and people are very upset.

It's absolute Green washing in which the need for energy is in cities and thus the loss down the line is about 20%. The rate of return is guarenteed to the company and make no mistake the taxpayer is paying for this energy at a huge loss or cost. Also it is intermittent and thus when we need more energy in the grid is when the wind doesn't blow, you can't store the energy so it's lost.

So the private companies make out like bandits, the farmers make some money (I don't begrudge them), but we lose as taxpayers. Oh and the decommissioning of these things are left to the owner of the land - think of it as stranded debt.

I also know that many individuals associated with the Liberals got on the ground floor of these wind companies to make some dough, like insider trading because of the guarenteed return on investment.

Instead of a planned energy system, mix and placement of where it's needed and proper site location/management, like the gas plants it's turned into the wild east of wind energy - thank you Liberals of turning folks who were initially supportive of "green energy" into anti wind opponents and by extension green energy.