b 3:17, Cameron House, Friday March 7

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blake 3:17
b 3:17, Cameron House, Friday March 7


blake 3:17

Hello babblers

Bop out to some wicked beats, strange songs & rawking tunes

Tomorrow night at the Cameron House, 10pm, no cover, have a beverage, say hello


sounds good, and sorry I won't be there, but for those more fortunate, that would be [url=http://www.thecameron.com/]here.[/url]

Groovy, man.

blake 3:17

the groove is in the heart

blake 3:17

Once again, back here's the incredible B 317 on the wheels of steel rocking the jams Friday April 4 10pmish at the Cameron House. No cover, but enjoy a libation.

Music for replicants will be played and enjoyed.

Requests accepted, not always fulfilled.



Originally posted by blake 3:17:
[b]Requests accepted, not always fulfilled.[/b]

Oh oh! I have one! The Pina Colada Song.

blake 3:17

Dearest Michelle, if you bring it, I will play it.