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Berlin, Vicariously



My eldest was in Berlin last week, visiting her boyfriend who is working on a film there.

Since he was so busy, she had lots of time to explore the city on her own. Being an artsy type, she visited some exhibitions of Van Gogh and other impressionists.

She also toured other museums, visited check point charlie and walked a bit of the remains of the Berlin wall. She intended to do a tour of Hitler's bunker ( I didn't know you could ) but decided not to after visiting the Holocaust memorial. A tour of the Riechstag was not done due to the huge line up outside.

She resisted my directive to seek out old Berliners and give them heck for trying to kill her grandfather for several years back in the 40's. Probably wise.

She visited the movie set where her boyfriend is working. The movie is set in WWII, so there were lots of Germans in Nazi uniforms, and lots of Nazi Flags. The filming had to be shut down at one point because a bride to be a few blocks away complained that the flags would end up being in her wedding photos.

The movie stars Tom Cruise.

This was gleaned from a very quick phone call, as I am trying to cut down on my long distance charges for the next while.

But the impression I got from her was that Berlin was a great place to visit, and that she had a great time there.