Border-crossing questions

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Border-crossing questions


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Our son, traveling south, was asked in Portland, Maine (where the Nova Scotia ferry, The Cat, makes a stop), "Why are you traveling alone?"

My wife and I, traveling north, were asked at a small crossing between Vermont and Quebec, "How many pairs of shoes did you buy?"

What's the oddest question you have encountered on the US frontier?

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Back in the 1960's, my father was asked, "What was your [i]mission[/i] in the United States?" Bear in mind this was while he was driving the old Rambler station wagon, with my mum in the passenger seat, 3 kids (including me) in the back, a cat in a box and a trailer attached to the back of the car which had Ontario license plates and was full of well-used camping equipment, etc. Obviously, our "mission" was holidaying and we were going home. Dad has never been one to suffer fools gladly.

"Overthrow of the government," my old man said, as sarcastically as he could. I don't remember now, but he tells me that we were at the border for some considerable time after that. Heheh. Like father like son.

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