Changes to DADT on back burner

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Changes to DADT on back burner

It appears that action on the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy regarding gays and lesbians in the military in the republic to the south of us is going to be placed on the back burner by the incoming Democratic administration. Although it is early days, there is no indication that Michelle Obama is going to assume an Eleanor Roosevelt-like mantle on LGBT(Q) issues (unlike Elizabeth Edwards [remember her, spouse of the Democratic primary candidate with the good hair?]) and push for the equivalent of Truman's Executive Order 9981.

I suspect that the incoming administration is going to be given pretty much a free ride on this back-pedalling on their candidate's pledge during the election to overturn DADT. There seems to be an unwillingness (even from what passes as progressive voices) to point out the fundamental lack of principle such back-pedalling demonstrates. I am getting increasingly tired of hearing emotional cliches (about "respect" and "honour" for those serving in the military when talking about DADT, and about "love" in regard to SSM) in the debates and concerned about the absence of appeals to the basic principle of equality under the law(s). Why go fishing for emotional responses from people who aren't impacted by a given action... it just raises the volume in the debate, it contributes nothing to the substance. 

Note on the choice of section in which to post.

Given the curious (and continuing) absence of an LGBT(Q) subsection under the "Walking The Talk" main section of Babble, I decided to grab at the word "OUT" in the "Out and About"  subsection of "Right Brain Babble" and, in effect, colonize it. While I have been unable to access the "The Best Place for Gay Issues" thread from March of 2008 I vaguely remember that the explanations given for the absence of a dedicated forum ran along the lines of 1) We decided against it, 2) There hasn't been enough demand, and 3) Some (unspecified) members felt we shouldn't marginalize/segregate the discussion. Here's hoping that my blatant colonization of the "Out and About" section will be tolerated as a cry in the wilderness rather than spray-paint vandalism to the exisiting order. Innocent