enMasse 10th anniversary

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enMasse 10th anniversary

Hi all!

I was going to post and say come on by to say hello, as today is EM's 10th anniversary.

But unfortunately when I was trying to send a-once-in-10-years email, I seem to have killed it. (Anyone know much about SQL/phpBB? PM me?). A tad ironic.

Anyway, hopefully we'll get it back up soon! 

Cheers, Tehanu


Happy anniversary to you, Tehanu, and all EnMasse members (including me)!!

ETA: Sorry the site is down right now... and I don't have the smarts to help. I do have that massive backup that I made a few years ago just in case - if you ever need that, just shout.

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I thought there was something up when I tried to check out EM earlier today. Happy Anniversary Tehanu and other EMers!


Wow, it's so hard to believe! Have I really been part of that community for 10 years?Smile

Too bad about losing the database, hope we can get it back.


Thanks both of you! The database is still on the server, I just haven't in my non-techie way figured out how to get it to reconnect ... it may be the problem is on their end.


A decade flew by so quickly.


Happy anniversary Tehanu! I recall only too well the "interesting times" which gave birth to enMasse.  Turned into a delightful place.  Thank you for all your work.


I haven't been to En Masse in a while - of course I'm still technically a member. Bread & Roses seems pretty much dead. Happy anniversary!


And we're back! I emailed our retired grand techno god, Steve, and he's fixed it, saving the day yet again.

The anniversary thread is here: http://enmasse.ca/forums/viewtopic.php?t=14439





That link brought back some memories Tehanu