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Favourite cafe

What's your favourite hippy cafe ? Mine's L'escalier here in Montreal- they have music, the decor is nothing like second cup, there's music, and the food is organic, and also impresively the place is open until 3am. www.lescaliermontreal.com/ Only downer is the stairs- they don't make it accessible if you're not mobile...

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[url=http://www.rhizomecafe.ca/]Rhizome Cafe[/url]

317 East Broadway, Vancouver

Who we are

Rhizome Café is a neighbourhood café that promotes the work of local artists, provides people with a space to socialize and connect with each other, and supports progressive social justice work.

What we offer

* • Healthy, fresh food
* • Organic, fairly traded coffee
* • A fully licensed bar

What makes us special

* • Our meeting room is available for use by community groups for meetings and classes.
* • Our workshop program supports people with a talent to share but no teaching experience. We help to plan and promote arts and community-building workshops held in our meeting room.
* • We partner with progressive organizations and community groups to host events, forums, film screenings, etc.
* • We host performances and showcase the work of local visual artists.
* • And...we're a friendly, diverse, neighbourhood meeting place.

What people say about us

Rhizome has been in the news since we opened in June 2006. Local and national media have helped to spread the word about our efforts to build an inclusive, community-focused eating and meeting place.


Pride for Red D...

These places are interesting spaces copared to your usualy reatuaraunts like Mcdonald's- it's not just a space to eat,, but to come together.


Calgary - Galaxie Diner or the Avenue Diner. 

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I used to like a place in Victoria, BC for the name and the smoothies (fruit shakes) they had. Dunno if they are still is business. I used to go there after martial arts practice. The place was called "The Prancing Pony".


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Books and Company in PG.




We don't have trendy cafes around these parts, however there are about 15 or so Tim's around, whose coffee I can't stomach at all.  When I feel like a hipster cup of java, I'll grind up a few beans of some aroma or another from the cupboard and sit out back on one of the faux bistro style chairs and pretend for awhile.  The flannel house pants and flip-flops though do not favour the sought after 'trendy' ambience.

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We have  a couple in town here,   that I like too, and I have seen people there in flannel and flip flops. ;)


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When I fly out to visit my brother in Surrey, I usually take a detour before returning, and visit Bouchon's Bistro, a French bistro up in Kelowna. It's awesome, run by a friend.

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The Moonbean Café is one of my favorites.


For me The Only Cafe...




That's a great cafe, Stargazer - I like it too.  They do good breakfasts!


We don't have hippies in saint John.

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Yuppies are the café culture crowd. You've gotta have a few of them.


Can I be a bit of a yuppie hippie and call myself a "Yippie"?

My favourite is Pain Perdu here in Toronto.