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Hi from Philadelphia

Hi guys.  Haven't so much as logged on for a month now, (except for once or twice when I peeked)


So here I am, sitting in student residence at Temple University.  Well over thirty years since I've stayed in a universty residence.  Apparently now they expect you to wear underwear at least, while wandering around. #^%*&# kids today!  Actually, I think it's because the place has some connection with the Baptists.

Anyhoo, I'm here 'til Sunday.  Why you may ask? Sometime last fall my kid came across a call for proposals for papers for the  Society for Disability Studies (City University of NY) annual conference.  So he sent something off on spec.  His professer said that was cool, but for an undergrad or non-professional to be accepted would be a bit of a coup.  So guess what got accepted!  He and a friend of his from U of T SASA (Students with Autism Social Association) wrote a paper on the representation of autism in the popular media as opposed to the lived experience of he and his friends at U of T.

I just checked out the room.  He'll be at a podium and a head table for a panel discussion along with his friend, in a big formal looking room..  I can tell you as a parent it feels weird 'cause it feels like just yesterday his mom and I were at his high school all the time advocating with teachers.  I'm registered at the conference as an adjunct (basically I'm like a service animal only less appealing)  because as a peson with autism he requires certain functional supports, smart as he is.  One advantage of autism btw, at least with my kid, is he lacks the social awareness to experience any kind of stage fright.  This isn't his first symposium, and he's done media interviews before.  He's nervous about all kinds of aspect of the trip such as novel surroundings and disruptions to the routine, but not at all with presenting his paper.  As some one who has done some presenting before an audience, I'm envious.

Been here for less than a day, and still in search of a good beer.  Phillie is kind of the same as Toronto and kind of not.


As a father of two boys on the spectrum, I can imagine your pride Oldgoat. Our sons don't experience stage fright. I hope the presentation goes well. I would love to read it, if your son is willing to share it.


You gonna catch Game 4 of the Stanley Cup while you're there? Laughing


I'll cheer for your kid - if you promise not to cheer for the Flyers!

Great hearing from you, og.



is Temple in North Philly? bad rep sometimes, but I am sure there is a lot to say about that; I stayed with  a friend going to Penn,  in West Philly, quite a different neighbourhood, i understood;

the downtown of Philadelphia interesting, esp the big galleries, but quiet at non-peak times


There is a famous Canadian link to Temple

Material to follow from Wikipaedia:

On April 2, 1965, Lester B. Pearson, Prime Minister of Canada and recipient of the Nobel peace prize was awarded the Temple University World Peace Prize. During his acceptance speech Pearson criticised American bombing of Vietnam,

"There are many factors which I am not in a position to weigh. But there does appear to be at least a possibility that a suspension of such air strikes against North Vietnam, at the right time, might provide the Hanoi [communists] authorities with an opportunity, if they wish to take it, to inject some flexibility into their policy without appearing to do so as the direct result of military pressure"[61]

The seemingly harmless speech infuriated former President Lyndon B. Johnson who, the next day at Camp David, took Pearson out onto the terrace and began "laying into [Pearson] in no uncertain fashion". Pearson later apologized for the speech.[62]


Thanks all.  Yeah, Temple is sort of north central in Phillie, straddling Broad St.  I drove in last evening, coming down Broad st. from the north.  Interesting neighbourhoods, and really old compared to what I'm used to seeing, but for sure some urban decay.  I just got back from the city hall area.  Beutiful old buildings, and a nice busy downtown.  Me'n David went to the Pennsylvania Acadamy of Fine Art.  It was founded in 1805.  What a great building!  Not real big, but some impressive works.  Tomorrow I'll try to make it to the Museum of fine art.


I took the subway downtown.  I think the system is about 100 years old, and looks every bit of it.  Kind of loud and spooky. Seems clean though, and cheap.  Goes pretty much everywhere.


The presestation is in about an hour.  I think all the papers will end up on the society website, but if not I'll link to it somehow.


Congratulations to the kid from me, oldgoat! What an interesting time for you both. (And I assure you: I cannot see Philly from my kitchen.)