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HOT DOCS 2010 - Bhutto

Upon her birth Benazir Bhutto's extended family immediately went into mourning. In Pakistan there is a strong preference for the first born child to be a boy. Despite the initial upset Benazir lived up to her name which means "incomparable".


oh please - incomparably corrupt maybe - her and her husband 'Mr. 10%' still hold the record for being 2 of Pakistan's most crooked politicians - western supported of course..

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I was going on information based on this documentary.  If there is an opposing opinion to anything that I wrote I am interested in knowing more.  Could you point me in the direction of a website, documentary, or book that defines the opposing view?   

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Well that is one of the problems with being a PR hack. You aren't really interested in what you are promoting, just as long as it is promoted. I shouldn't really respond, since this is all spam advertising, but seeing as this is somewhat relevant and interesting, here is the tip of the iceberg. Allegations of various kinds suggest that Bhutto fraud can be counted in the billions of dollars.

On 6 August 2003, Swiss magistrates found Bhutto and her husband guilty of money laundering.[They were given six-month suspended jail terms, fined $50,000 each and were ordered to pay $11 million to the Pakistani government. The six-year trial concluded that Bhutto and Zardari deposited in Swiss accounts $10 million given to them by a Swiss company in exchange for a contract in Pakistan. The couple said they would appeal. The Pakistani investigators say Zardari opened a Citibank account in Geneva in 1995 through which they say he passed some $40 million of the $100 million he received in payoffs from foreign companies doing business in Pakistan. In October 2007, Daniel Zappelli, chief prosecutor of the canton of Geneva, said he received the conclusions of a money laundering investigation against former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto on October 29, but it was unclear whether there would be any further legal action against her in Switzerland.

Corruption charges against Benazir Bhutto


Oh the whole country is run by corrupt despots favoured by the American CIA since the cold war era. However,

[url=]Who killed Benazir Bhutto? The main suspects[/url]

Analysts say that President Musharraf himself is unlikely to have ordered her assassination, but that elements of the army and intelligence service would have stood to lose money and power if she had become Prime Minister.

The ISI, in particular, includes some Islamists who became radicalised while running the American-funded campaign against the Soviets in Afghanistan and remained fiercely opposed to Ms Bhutto on principle.

Saudi Arabia, which has strong influence in Pakistan, is also thought to frown on Ms Bhutto as being too secular and Westernized and to favour Nawaz Sharif, another former Prime Minister.

The whole idea behind western intervention in Afghanistan and Pakistan of the 1980s and 90s was to prevent the spread of secular socialism. Bhutto was a secularist "liberal" politician. She wasn't perfect by any means, but did she deserve to be murdered? I really don't think so, and I think that the US-backed military dictatorship and elites in Pakistan's army intelligence probably ordered the murder of Benazir Bhutto. Pakistan has been another front line state in the war on democracy since the cold war and still is today.


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Ok I'll keep this one open, but Black Hat Media, don't spam babble or your account will be suspended.

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Thank you for the clarification. It won't happen again.


Maysie, any chance of getting some kind of definition of what Rabble defines as 'spam' ? I have been accused of this before, falsely I believe. Key elements of what is normally considered 'spam' are 'mass distribution' and 'indiscriminate', neither of which qpplied to me and, by the looks of this, to Black Hat here.

Just curious ...

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I think a definition of spam should be in the user policy. I looked last night, and there really isn't a guideline.

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Spam, aside from the obvious commercial spam that we try to get to before the spammers post, includes:

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Yes, that should be added to the policy text. 

As for siamdave and BlackHat Media, there's a forum for original, sometimes unpublished writing. news by the rest of us. Otherwise, please just post to the relevant forum. Engaging in discussion in addition to starting new threads, while not required, is always appreciated.

Just doing my part to help put "discussion" back into "discussion board".



Where is the spam and PR hack-dom in Black Hat's post?  His\her name itself might be considered advertising, but discussing a documentary from a doc flim fest? 

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The link doesn't lead to the film's site, nor the film fest's site.  It's Black Hat Media's attempt to drive up traffic to her site.

If BHM wants to discuss a film, isn't that what we're here for?  Why not start a thread called "Let's discuss [this film I liked]"?


Ah, that helps explain things.  I didn't click on the link.

Lord Palmerston

How about a thread about Hot Docs?  I've seen the following:

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And will be seeing American Radical tonight.


I've seen the following:

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Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

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...and seeing three more this weekend


Where I can have full Video of Hot Doc Bhutto case? is there any website for this purpose?


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