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janfromthebruce wrote:

FYI, I have killed every rosemary plant I owned. It seems that as soon as I move it indoors for the winter, it dies no matter what I do.

Don't bring it inside. Leave it outside, and insulate it; ie, bury the pot in the ground so the roots don't freeze, and cover with leaves and burlap. (I got one to survive for 3 years, only killing it last winter when I neglected it.)

I killed every rosemary plant too, before I started doing this.

Timebandit Timebandit's picture

Mine would never survive the winter. Far too cold here! Although I did baby a lavender and a Greek oregano through several winters in my old garden.

Kaitlin McNabb Kaitlin McNabb's picture

Hmm, well what if it is not an option to leave it outside? Throw it in the window and hope for the best probably.

I wanted to grab a thyme and basil plant this weekend, but don't know if it's worth it if they are just going to up and die on me!