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3) The Bay City Rollers 1st Canadian concert

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A friend of mine was the rock critic at the Globe and Mail at the time and they made him cover it. He said he wanted to wear a bag over his head. I think it's what finally motivated him to leave and start working freelance for the CBC.

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Why would anyone in their right mind want to watch a Bay City Rollers concert when in this thread you could use three wishes to witness the Beatles, 'Stones, Who, Zep, Joplin, Morrison, Hendrix, Clapton, Elvis, Beach Boys, etc..., not to mention any of the legendary blues masters?



Why would anyone in their right mind want to watch a Bay City Rollers concert when in this thread you could use three wishes to witness the Beatles, 'Stones, Who, Zep, Joplin, Morrison, Hendrix, Clapton, Elvis, Beach Boys, etc..., not to mention any of the legendary blues masters?

Ok I see your point for No. 3 I now subsitute [url=http://www.hanson.net/]Hanson[/url]


[img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img] [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img] You asked!!! Hanson. Now that is funny.

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I've never heard of Hanson before now.


I would like to witness the arrival of St.Thomas the Apostle in India during the 1st century. According to legend, Thomas found passage on a ship headed south through the Red Sea to the Euphrates River and beyond. The ship was tossed by a storm and wrecked, with Thomas and the ship's captives finding safety on the shores of south-west India. The local inhabitants befriended him and gave him food and clothes. When Thomas learned their language he told them about his spiritual message and his friend, Yeshua, and a form of Christianity became established there with a culture different from the western religion.
The presence of the St.Thomas Christians in the present day is evidence of this historical event.
I chose this historical event because legends portray it as a happy event of human kindness and friendship.
According to legend, Thomas died after living there more than 20 years. Thomas challenged the authority of the Brahmins and as a result got his head bashed in with a big rock.


1) European Arrival in North America
2) The trial of Socrates
3) Rumble in the Jungle - Ali vs Foreman


Some really good options here definitely.

I'd like to see the room of gold that Atahualpa's people put together for Pizzaro to free him. Shortly before Pizzaro killed him.

I'd like to see the collaborations of the founding fathers of the US so I could ask them some questions around what they really meant.

There's all sorts of great 'guy' events not mentioned. The Roman civil war, the sacking or Troy, the Vandals burning Rome, the rape of Nanking, the 2007 conservative budgets.... all attrocities of humanity.

Jacob Two-Two

Yeah, but the difference in watching the Spartans devestate Xerxes' "invincible" army, or Boudica's Celts demolish the heart of Roman power in ancient England, is that they really deserved what they got. It's not just an entertaining massacre, but a morally satisfying one as well.

  1. Seeing the last of the dinosaurs, and knowing why they aren't around any more.
  2. Witnessing the first person to sample fermented beverages and to understand what she had just experienced.
  3. Being present at the first performance of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring, just to see what the fuss was all about.  There was a battle of the bands between Fletcher Henderson's Savoy Orchestra and the Jean Goldkette Orchestra in 1927 that would have been keen to hear, and how.

I wouldn't have minded seeing Jelly Roll Morton invent Jazz, but I'm out of selections.


How'd I miss this thread?


There's two angles on this.  One is viewing an historic event from the perspective of sharing the information and clearing up a mystery. And the other is from a purely selfish angle, were you'd just liket to see an event for your own satisfaction.

The selfish angle is fairly easy.


1) For me, I think I'd like to be sitting in the Roman Senate, when Ceasar set up Cato, who thought Ceasar had recieved a note in the Senate which would implicate Ceasar in the Cataline conspiracy.   Cato forced Ceasar to read it, and it turned out to be a love letter from Cato's sister to Ceasar.    

If not appocraphyl, I'd have loved to have seen Cato's face.

2) Obviously, the storming of the Bastille.

3)  To see if Canadian Prime Minister Borden actually did lift Lloyd George (or was it Asquith?) by the lapels during a discussion over Canadian casualties in WW I.

As for the unknowns of history, I probably don't have the detailed knowledge to pin point the most important, the more salient bits of information that might help our understandings today, but guess away I will.

1) viewing the conditions at the time our ancesteral population had dwindled down to a very small number.

2) A first hand assessment of the character of Paul of Tarsus. (aka Saul, of no fixed address)

3) viewing the conditions in North America, to see which, or what combination of the most commonly cited two factors, lead to the extinctions of large pliestocene mammals.





Tommy_Paine wrote:

How'd I miss this thread?

The selfish angle is fairly easy.



I found this thread while scooting around "Out and About," looking for a cycling thread.  There weren't many of us out there on bikes today, by the way. 'Twas -31 with a wind chill warning on my way home this afternoon.

As far as purely selfish things I'd like to have witnessed, the Sack of Rome by the Visigoths would be up there.  Hearing the first word spoken by a human would have been interesting - who would she have spoken to, and would her listener have understood?  The Battle of Hattin would have been something to see as well.

Y'know, there should be about 100 things we'd like to have witnessed.


Me too, howd I miss this.

Surprised everyone is so into ancient events.

So much to choose from.

But in my 3 would be the Fidelistas arriving in Habana, 1959.

Hang out with Zapata's exotic outfit- no particular event in mind.

Id like to be Mark Twain- after he's rich.


I'd have liked to hang around the fire with the Breton Celts and join them in imbibing whatever inspired the Carnac alignments.


If you coukl tell people not to be such an idiot.........

Hitler's mum

Inventer of the combustion engine (Watt?)

The person who decided men directly fathered babies.

Jacob Richter

1) The adoption of the Erfurt Program in October 14-20 1891 by a much more radical Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands

2) The overthrow of the Russian Provisional Government in November 6-7 1917 by the Bolsheviks

3) The Victory Parade on June 24, 1945 in Red Square

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2. is better described as the arrest of the Kerensky regime. Check my previous entry. Heh. But 3. is an excellent addition.

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ther are some historical events which i"ve taken part in. And, if I could, some of them I would do over again. And, maybe, get it right.


But that would end my anonymous status here. So, I;ll just whine, and shut up.


marzo wrote:
3. If there ever really were extra-terrestrial ships and alien beings on Earth, I'd like to see them. Did something really happen at Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947? Did ET / UFO events take place at other places and times?

Damn, someone always takes the best stuff first. You, me, and Stan Friedman makes three that I know of. Either that or be with someone famous when they've eyeballed a ufo. 3) Gordon Cooper's sighting?

2. Break bread with Jeezer, the guys, and Mary. And see what life was like then.

1. I'd like to speak with my father and tell him not to go overseas in '39. Of course, that would likely prevent my own birth. Or would I become a completely different person as a result with 23 pairs in me, 23 from someone else, and 23 pairs in one-half of another me altogether? And, has it already happened in another universe? Maybe it's the future I need to visit... 

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I love this thread. Thanks for reviving it. I'm taking "event" to mean the days or months leading up to and following it.

1) Echoing Fidel: "a regular day in Jurassic period anywhere, since there are no geopolitical boundaries, and from a safe vantage point." My morbid side would like to see the moment and aftermath of the meteor striking the Yucatan and giving our mammalian ancestors a shot at the big time.

2) Any major battle that Native Americans/ Aboriginal people won, and included women in the winning.

3) The building and dedication of the Third (Herodian) Temple. It was said to be a wonder even by Roman standards. I don't think I could bear to witness its destruction in 66AD.

If I had to pick one alone, it would be the Big Bang. From a safe and indestructible vantage point.





Green Grouch

I think you would be interested in researching a Native War Chief called "Little Turtle", he inflicted at least two defeats against the US Army in 1790/91, killing over 820 American soldiers in the North West Territories."

The battles are known as "Harmar's Defeat" and "St. Clair's Defeat".


1.  The meeting of the Soviet 5th Tank and 51st Army at Kalach on 23 November 1942, sealing the ring around Stalingrad.

2.  Ground zero at Hiroshima on 6 August 1945, as a witness to one of the most monstrous crimes in history.

3.  The Battle of Isandlwana.


Southlander wrote:
Why do people want to go and see thousands dying? Is it a guy thing?


Just read through this thread for the first time, and that was kind of my question by the time I got to it.


Some of the historical events I know most about and even approve of I definitely would not have wanted to be present for, or even to have witnessed first hand. I wouldn't have gone anywhere near the French Revolution, eg, and I've often been glad that some of my favourite Enlighteners died too soon to have to face that. Call me a wimp ("Wimp! Wimp!"), but I do not want to see mass slaughter, or worse, masses of people getting selves into the headspace you have to be in to commit mass slaughter, rape, and plunder.


I wish I could have been at one of the salons in 1762 where Laurence Sterne, visiting from England (partly for the sake of his failing health), carried on a running conversation with Diderot and just generally charmed all of Paris.


I wish I could have invited Alec Guinness and John Le Carre to supper and just let them talk about any old thing that occurred to them, although I probably would have prodded them to tell me more about the war (Guinness) and MI6 (Le Carre).


I wish I could have seen Bishop Crinan taking in the treasure that had been floated down the Tay to the lawn of the cathedral at Dunkeld during Macbeth's (Thorfinn's?) reign, C11. That vast lawn, looking across to the hills and woods of Birnam, is still one of the loveliest places I know, but it must have been very different then, very busy and fierce and contested -- I'd like to know exactly how. And I'd like to know who Macbeth actually was (there are several candidates).


It's probably just as well that I never met Rousseau. We would have had an affair, but it would have ended badly.


Southlander wrote:
Battle for troy, little big horn, Trafalger, D- day, Easter uprising in Ireland. martin Luther, Titanic. 9/11. These are from the boys, typical guy stuff, totally diffeent to a woman [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]


Is southlander male or female?


Was Adam's apple the original heirloom variety?

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Someone mentioned Woodstock, which reminded me of this: Laughing

Ken Burch

al-Qa'bong wrote:

Southlander wrote:
Battle for troy, little big horn, Trafalger, D- day, Easter uprising in Ireland. martin Luther, Titanic. 9/11. These are from the boys, typical guy stuff, totally diffeent to a woman [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]


Is southlander male or female?


Was Adam's apple the original heirloom variety?

Yes...and Joni Mitchell(who has now been proven to be the historic Eve)was there to make sure there were spots on it, and no DDT.

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I would like to edit my choices:

1) Stands, but my tastes have changed such that

2) would definitely be "God Only Knows" rather than "Penny Lane." And

3) is actually my new

1): witness the Paris Commune of 1871. 

Frère, on te trompe, nos intérêts sont les mêmes ; ce que je demande, tu le veux aussi ; l'affranchissement que je réclame, c'est le tien ; qu'importe si c'est à la ville ou à la campagne que le pain, le vêtezment, l'abri, le secours manquent à celui qui produit la richesse de ce monde ; qu'importe que l'oppresseur ait nom : gros propriétaire ou industriel. Chez toi comme chez nous, la journée est longue et rude, et ne rapporte pas même ce qu'il faut au besoin du corps. A toi comme à moi, la liberté, le loisir, la vie de l'esprit et du cour manquent. Nous sommes encore et toujours, toi et moi, les vassaux de la misère.


All of the above are very interesting days in history. 

Okay wait I didn't go yet...

1. Roswell, New Mexico in June or July 1947. Was it a crashed saucer?

2. Go tickling trout and have a pint of beer with my grandfather in England. Never met him.

3. Go to the beach and picnic with my parents and four siblings in the 1960's. They always told me I missed out on the good times.


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God, I loved Joni back in the 1960s and 1970s - it is my greatest regret I did not get to her Ottawa concert in 1968 or 1969. All alone on the old Capital Theatre stage wearing a red velvet dress with her acoustic guitar bathed in a soft yellow light. My dear friend said it was just unbelievably good. I have all her albums up to about 1980, maybe later.


I'm still not sure what my three historical events would be, but certainly the first Woodstock concert would be one of the three. Certainly NO military event would make my top three.

ETA: Just went back to see if I wrote anything earlier, and found this (post 36):

Because I'm a church-going person, I guess I'd like to have been present during some of the biblical events, and recorded them with my video camera (if we can go back in time, can we take a camera or tape recorder with us?). Failing that, I would like to meet Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Beethoven, all during their moments of greatest triumphs.


I've been lurking here for years, how did I miss that great thread?

In any event, my choices:

3. Be alongside Galileo when he first trained his telescope on the Moon and planets.

2. The sermon on the Mount by Jesus. That means I'd understand Hebrew, of course :)

1. Going way back, watch the first time a man successfully started a fire on his own (or her own? who says it was not a woman?). I can just imagine the pure elation this moment produced in our long-gone ancestor.

There are many, many more places/times I'd like to see, of course. Life is too short.