babble get-together in Toronto, this Sat. Oct. 10, 7 p.m.!

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Joey Ramone

I'll ask Paula and Jacob and pm you if they're missing glasses.   For those who haven't yet come to a Toronto meet-up, it's a good time, plus Michelle sprang for nachos.


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it was donna's the old native woman no?


and yo joey ur a lawyer?



Yeah, unless there is a second pair of glasses involved, they were Donna's, and Bob was going to get them to her sometime this week.     And....let me check...yes,  I'm wearing mine right now so they can't be mine.


I had a great time,  and since I can remember whose glasses are missing, evidentally I remained nicely glowing but sober for the evening, which is what I always aim for.

Whoever suggested Steamwhistle Pilsner in one of the beer threads,  thank you.  It's a very good beer. Perhaps a little more hops in it than Creemore  or Urquel, but not to the point where it gives a bitter after taste. 

Wish we had more time so I could have had a chance to talk to Joey Ramone and his guests, but with seating and the live band, and such, I never got a good chance.

I had quite the headache the next morning.  Couldn't have been from the beer,  I only had five all evening.  It must have been from doing so much intent listening, and struggling with mental blanks in the fast moving dialogue.

Everyone on "babble" speaks louder here, and my brain works faster.