Nova Scotia, or Newfoundland?

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scotter Nova Scotia, or Newfoundland?

So I am inclined to move to Nova Scotia or Newfoundland to connect with the sea and the people.I like to start in some place new, to leave behind the present place of sorrow, a place in Ontario, after things get settled.  

My immediate survival skill set is fish-cleaning and seafood processing, e.g. making fillets, peeling off stingay skins. I figure I could find something immediate in the fishery commerce there.  My professional employment experiences are like retailing-sales, and office admin. assistant; ideally I aspire to be a pastoral-psychotherapist counsellor (Master in Theology). I am a spiritual person and why not immerse in this field to help others? Not limited to Christianity, I use non-Christian philosophy e.g. Buddhist spirituality when applicable and appropriate.  

Nova Scotia or Newfoundland? Would the neighbours here and there elaborate a bit?  

This Saturday, and Saturdays, off to work. Thank you in advance.


What a pity that our friend Boom Boom has died, not that he lived in either Nova Scotia or Newfoundland; on the lower North Shore of Québec, not far from Labrador.

Our friend Sharon still sometimes posts from Halifax; I don't remember any babblers from Newfoundland recently.


Well, we have [url=]Newfoundlander_Labrador... - and also KenS from Nova Scotia. And I was under the impression pebbles might be from NL too?


I missed Newfoundlander-Labradorian. KenS, of course. And he posts regularly.


Anyone moving to Stellarton NS?

BDSM controversy could shut down Stellarton bed and breakfast

Residents of a town in Nova Scotia's Pictou County are grappling with whether they should force a local bed and breakfast out of business because it caters to those interested in erotic practices known as BDSM. 

I'm thinking it might help to invite the neighbors over for tea, show everyone what you've done with the place, a dog and pony as it were.