North Atlantic boat traffic

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North Atlantic boat traffic

Is it still possible to get from Canada to Britain or the Continent on a boat? Does anyone know?

conrad yablonski
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afeared a flying too, eh?


I know your pain.

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Is nautical port security as invasive as airport security? BTW, I don't have a problem with flying, just the harassment. But I do get seasick.



Arrr, belay that jibberin and be clappin an ear on this, a sure fire way to beat the sickness of the sea, matey.




Arr, that be a fine song, Tommy.


I'm not that afeard of teh flyin', although I don't enjoy it a lot. They took my cigarettes away from me years ago. I can chew obsessively through an entire package of strawberry twizzlers on a transatlantic flight, and I'm a basket case by the time I get to the other side.


But no, that's not the main problem. I've decided I'm just too offended by the paranoid security. I don't believe it's effective; I do think it's cynical and oppressive and fully intended to chip away from yet another direction at democracy, so I ain't a-marchin' any more. I might do it in an emergency, but otherwise, I wish to reject teh airports and teh planes and the whole dratted catastrophe.


Travelling surface on a continent is doable -- hard here, very easy in Europe, where they are racing ahead on the train front. God, we are primitive. But before they took away our trains, they took away our normal boats, so there is the problem.


Thanks very much for those links above. I shall investigate. Do you think they let you smoke on boats? They must. Pirates let you smoke, yes?

Papal Bull

No way, skdadl!


Pirates don't smoke on their boats anymore. Even after the poop deck was changed to 'Davey Jones Smoke Cabin' they gradually removed even that amenity.


Aye, the days of me and my rum runnin' crew are edgy ever since eh' kappin' tooks awayz arrr smokes.