Obnoxiously saccharine or pretentious suburb street names

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Makes sense - I think every city or town in Canada has a "King Street" and a "Queen Street"! :)  (Maybe that should be our next thread - street names that occur in EVERY city...)

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In 1904 Calgary changed the existing named streets to numbered ones along a grid pattern in four quadrants working out from Centre Street and Centre Avenue, unfortunately (for anyone trying to find an address) that was abandoned sometime in the 1960s and developers started naming streets using a singularly annoying naming convention:


In some neighbourhoods all streets have a similar sounding name, forming a theme for the neighbourhood. For example, in the neighbourhood called "Whitehorn" all the streets begin with the word "White". When given an address in such a neighbourhood, the last part of the address (street, avenue, close, drive, way or place) may be crucial for finding the address [since all may have the identical first name - ex. Whitehorn Dr., Whiterhorn Close, Whitehorne Way]

@ Michelle:

Calgary has neither a King nor a Queen Street or Avenue (although we do have a Sheriff King Road and there is a Queen Street just off Range Road 284 less than a kilometre east of the city). And of course in Mount Royal (our Westmount/Rosedale equivalent) we have both a Premier Way and Council Way, based on the assumption that the great whatever are supposed to elect our "betters" to public office. As far as I can find, Edmonton has neither a King nor a Queen Street or Avenue either.... I think your CCO-coloured glasses might causing you to generalize, just a little. Tongue out



Interesting!  You're right, I'm mostly used to Ontario cities and towns, and I've lived in many and travelled through many more, and noticed so many of the same street names.

I was also thinking, after my post, that of course Quebec also probably doesn't have much in the way of the royalty-named streets! 

Mea culpa for my unthinking Centre Of The Universe chauvanism! ;)


Vansterdam Kid wrote:
This isn't in a suburb, but there's a street in Vancouver known as The Crescent. It's in quite a la-de-da neighbourhood so it's not too suprising, but the name sounds so pretentious. There are no other Crescents, but The Crescent!

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Yeah I dislike that one, too. That and name your Drive. How in hell else are we supposed to arrive at Toffy Nose Drive in the burbs if not by someone driving there? Why not something original, like Rue de Us Guys, or RBC Owns Your Ass 4 The Next 40 Street? Why not have fun with it? I just think all the temporarily embarrassed millionaires in Canada should get real is all. I suppose that's jus' me, tho.


Fidel wrote:

RBC Owns Your Ass 4 The Next 40 Street

Best street name EVER!  I'd totally buy a house on that street if I were house-hunting!




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