Ontario tourism told to 'sex up'

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Ontario tourism told to 'sex up'


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[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20070708.wtourism0708..."We tend to believe that Ontario is a lot better than it actually is."[/url]
--Ryerson University professor Gabor Forgac, who "specializes in the hotel industry."


But seriously, if you travel, would you travel to Ontario, other than to see family and friends? Is it really SARS, Passport regulations, a high dollar that keeps tourists out, or is it just what we feared all along?


I happen to like Toronto but, if I didn't have family and friends in Southern Ontario, it's unlikely I'd spend much time there other than on business.

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I like Toronto too, and I visit some friends there once or twice a year. but I've always thought the appeal of Toronto (which is lost on the pan-national Toronto hater club) is how wonderful it is to live there--not to visit it. The great cheap food from pretty much anywhere, Kensington Market, the vibrant music scene, etc. etc.

But if I were to [i]visit[/i] Ontario, I'd keep it to Stratford or Niagara-on-the-Lake for theatre (plus NOTL has some great wineries) and the north for camping. But even then I have some better alternatives the same amount of time east or north of me. With a much more appealing drive than the 401 corridor.


Rampant sexism is right there between "supremacy of the military" and "controlled mass media" on Dr. Lawrence Britt's list of [url=http://www.homelandstupidity.us/2005/08/27/has-america-become-fascist-th... defining characteristics of fascism[/b][/url]. I can just imagine young women dressed in basic black leather minis greeting tourists at Niagra Falls and Algonquin Park.

And if we can manage to send a few more women MP's to Ottawa, Harper could boast that Canada has pulled even with the drive toward greater female representation in Kabul's parliament and that bastion of human rights in Afghanistan.

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It all depends on what you are interested in.

Toronto is a great place to visit. And, the Bruce Peninsula has wilderness and unique environments, as I've touted in the "oot and aboot" forum.

And if you're young and into the beach scene, Grand Bend is cool, and so is sauble beach. Too touristy for this old dude though. And Wassaga beach? Never been there, but I hear the young uns like it.

But yes, as abnormal says, there ain't a whole lot after that, to be honest.

But the north is great, if you have any affinity to the great outdoors.

Skinny Dipper

Toronto is in the same league as Frankfurt, Germany. What's in Frankfurt? I think Frankfurt has a bigger airport with train service to the downtown. I didn't stay in Frankfurt when I left the airport. I went to Prague via train.

The officials in Toronto can complain about the stronger Canuck buck vis-а-vis the Yankee Dinar and US passport rules. Toronto may say how great our multiethnic city is. Unfortunately there are other multiethnic cities around the world. Paris, by my guess, is about 50% Euro-French, 25% Arab North African, and 25% Black West African. Other European cities have large populations of Turks, Arabs, West Africans, and other peoples. When I visited the European cities, I looked for these attractions: architecture, pedestrian zones, a town square, public transit, a sense of community, statues about history (real kinds of statues, not abstract warped creations), water fountains, and a Waterpark with slides and spa. I just thought I would throw in that last point. I didn't need Olympic stadiums unless there was some infamous history behind them such as Adolf's Berlin stadium. Please, no [i]Rogers Olympic Hi-Speed Cable and Internet Dome[/i].

Toronto should start by making downtown Yonge Street into a pedestrian zone. Establish a train link from the airport to the downtown. Build a few statues showing the history of Toronto on Yonge Street. If possible, preserve the architecture of our old buildings. If not, at least give the buildings some good coats of paint. Offer tourist signs in a couple of other languages. Make each major intersection on downtown Yonge Street into a mini-village. I'm babbling on so I will stop.


For the life of me, I can't figure out why anyone-- other than people cruising to show off their car, or people people watching from thier cars, would use Younge street to get anywhere by car in Toronto.

Tourism aside, I don't understand why the cities of Southwestern and south central Ontario go out of their way to uglify themselves. I'm usually pretty utilitarian, and don't put as much emphasis on aesthetics that others might, but man, our cities have become butt ugly.

And it isn't-- at least in my mind-- so much the mindless grafiti tags scrawled all over as it is the advertizing that seems to be everywhere.

In London, there has been a movement to stem the tide of grafiti vandalism. I thought I was a cult of one thinking that the greater vandalism comes from bill boards and portable signs and the like.

But there are others who agree.

I guess advertizers would say constraints on them would interfere with freedom of expression. But the way they express themselves surely abridges my right not to live in a butt ugly town.


[b]Dr. Evil:[/b] I like to see girls of that... caliber.
[b]Dr. Evil:[/b] By "caliber," of course, I refer to both the size of their gun barrels and the high quality of their characters... Two meanings... caliber... it's a homonym... Forget it.



Originally posted by Skinny Dipper:
[b]Toronto is in the same league as Frankfurt, Germany. What's in Frankfurt? I think Frankfurt has a bigger airport with train service to the downtown. I didn't stay in Frankfurt when I left the airport. ....[/b]

funny, I have been using that reference /comparison for years

both cities big, clean, efficient, exciting in their own way, w. big bank towers, great public transit, well planned for walking, etc.;
but when I wanted to see the real Germany back in the 1980s I headed for West Berlin which, even truncated, was a hell of a lot more interesting

recently, I directed outsiders, New York City friends, on a 2-week July trip thru Quebec/Ontario;

I suggested they land in Montreal, more central to make side trips to Quebec City and Ottawa, then add on a Toronto trip at the end of the first week, where they could decide how to continue the journey

they decided: more Montreal, less Toronto;

for them, T.O. just another big N.American city, a smaller cleaner Chicago, or whatever

as for the rest of the province, if you like the outdoors, absolutely unbeatable, but lots of people don't really


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I seem to recall a line from a television show with a US couple discussing their vacation plans: "Canada is where people go when they can't afford to go someplace really good"

Toronto in the same ballpark as Frankfurt? Don't think so.



Originally posted by Nanuq:
[b]Toronto in the same ballpark as Frankfurt? Don't think so.[/b]

on the upside or the downside?? not sure what you mean ...


I must be a true hick, because I enjoy my infrequent TO, Hamilton, Windsor, and London visits.

Okay, London not so much.

The outdoor opprotunities in the summer and fall are endless. I suspect that the greater number of outdoor tourists to Ontario come here now to take advantage of our bountiful hunting and fishing opprotunities. But there's much to do without killing stuff. Canoeing the Grand, the Thames, Elora Gorge, the rivers of more northern Ontario. The north shore of Lake Erie.... Long Point, Turkey Point, endless empty beaches, stupid cheap seasonal produce.


Kingston, besides the whole Prison thing....is a beautiful city.

I go a few times a year. Wolfe Island is gorgeous, with the cheapest nice little hotel Ive ever been too. Mustafa (the owner) was really nice and accomodating to a young poor couple looking to get away for the weekend.

I had a hell of a time in Barrie a couple years ago at Live 8, its preceding, and prologue parties.

If only you guys could learn to drive..... [img]tongue.gif" border="0[/img]

Stephen Gordon

Meh - give it up. Ontario is a very, very nice place to live - better than all but a handful of places on Earth - but it's never, ever going to be a place where tourists will come in droves to spend money.

My advice: stop worrying about it.



Whats the name of the hotel and prices? I loved kingston and wolfe island and me and Mrs Bacchus would love to stay over on a weekend there


Wolfe Island Hotel

Mustafa was the manager or the owner, can remember which....

There was a lesbian barmaid, who I think was flirting with my now wife....but i digress [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]

ETA - we rented a VERY small room, and I think in cost us 65-70 bucks in late september....but then again, you shouldnt be spending much time indoors on wolfe island.....

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I went to the General Wolfe for my 18th birthday. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]