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I will be in Ottawa for a few days next week between the 25th and 27th.

I will be free during the evenings.



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Free? Don't sell yourself short. Tongue out



Good one, I'd have said the same except I remembered that Webgear is highly trained.  He could probably kill you five times before you even knew you were dead.  Laughing

Got a try out with the Sens, Webgear?  I hear they need help.

Seriously,  if you are down London way, or back up near Dundalk when I take a foray up there, I'd really like to get together.

I've only been to Ottawa once in my life and I'm not allowed back.  Geez, pour cold porridge down one senator's pants, and you're branded for life.






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 I am cheap because everyone should have a piece of me. Laughing



Maybe next summer, I am trying to get home for a few weeks next August until them I am stuck in Alberta. Unless I am able to get to Kingston for some training in the New Year.


I doubt that will happen after my adventures next week in Ottawa.