Ottawa-area babblers want to meet up in March?

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Ottawa-area babblers want to meet up in March?

I'm going to be travelling to Ottawa in March for a few days for work, and was wondering if there were any babblers in the Ottawa area that would like to meet up, ideally near Bank and Maclaren, on either Wed March 10 or Thurs March 11.

My only restriction is I'm working until 8 or 8:30 both evenings, so it would be a late start around 9pm. Is this possible or doable? I slightly prefer the Thursday because I'm not working the next day.

It's the unofficial "Meet Maysie" roadtrip. Of the Central Canadian Overlords of course. Tongue out

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Isn't that a violation of the secret overlord handbook... actually stepping out of the shadows and into the light of day? Oh wait, early March, it will be fully dark by 8 or 8:30... never mind.

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Hey, where'd you get that pic of me, oldgoat and Lou?

bagkitty, one of these day I'm gonna visit Calgary and then you'll be sorry.

Actually, so will I.


Um can this thread please get back on topic? Soon nobody will wanna meet with me. You will have scared them all away, bad bagkitty. Frown

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