Out and About- Travel Medicine Kit..Packing Tips.

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Out and About- Travel Medicine Kit..Packing Tips.

I've been traveling a lot recently, and I'm never really sure what to keep with me. Did some snooping around found this great article. Thought I'd share here (havent been to blabble in while). Great advice.


Avoid vacation sickness with an effective travel medicine kit.

You've just downed your third piña colada of the day after arriving in Cuba for your long awaited vacation. You're now ready to hit the beach for a swim and catch some rays when you suddenly feel queasy and light-headed – and it's not from the piña colada!

From food poisoning to colds, motion sickness and hangovers, getting sick on vacation is one of life's worst ironies. You can avoid this situation by embarking on your trip with one extra item in hand – a travel medicine kit. No matter where you plan to travel, it's wise to pack a small medical kit with certain essentials that you might need during your trip. Fortunately, many of the items you'll need for your travel medicine kit are probably sitting in your medicine cabinet at home right now!

Here are some simple steps from Rexall that you can take to ensure you are prepared for the unexpected:

* Anti-diarrheal and anti-nausea medications are a must when you're travelling away from home.
* Acetaminophen for that pesky headache from all the strawberry daiquiris.
* Band-Aids for the unexpected cuts or scrapes.
* While you are away, store your medication away from the heat and humidity of the bathroom. If you are in a tropical location, make sure your medications are stored in your cool, air conditioned room.
* Maintaining your medication regimen while you are on holiday is a challenge. Try and use triggers like placing your medication near an object you will pick up everyday; your reading glasses, sunscreen, or next to your bed.
* Pack your medication in your carry-on bag in case the airline loses your luggage!
* If you are going away for seven days, take 10 to 12 days worth of medication with you in case of delays or an unexpected change in plans.
* Don't forget the sunscreen!

For a full list of tips and items you need in your travel medicine kit before you venture off on your next vacation, visit [url=www.rexall.ca/MedicineCabinet]www.rexall.ca/MedicineCabinet[/url]


Rexall is a Commie plot.

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Damn, I thought they were a capitalist plot. Must've misfiled them in my rolodex....