so like did you miss me y'all?

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so like did you miss me y'all?

Seems like forever since I had a chance to stop in.  But someone said something to someone, which wasn't true and I knew the proof was here.

So the "I was right" link was sent and I sit smugly on my couch, thinking I should say hello.
I'm still fighting battles, winning a few, whining about others.
Had a fantastic Labour Day - pictures are here from the event in Port Elgin.
Yes it's Facebook, no you don't have to join to see them, you just can't be blocked.
I'm still with the United Way and we had a fantastic year last year, went from $340 000 in 2009 to $580 000, must be doing something right.
We just wrapped up our back to school backpack drive. We provide a fully stocked backpack to low income parents. Thanks to long form census data (makes the reporters giggle when I put that into my explanations on our numbers etc.) We know that there are 2400 kids living in low income in the Bruce Grey region. I found 2121 of them!
Yep, we got the supplies and we supplied them!! Fantastic communitys support.
Downer side of things, we spent over $70 000 last winter on emergency heating support, with other programs in the are the total is closer to $120 000 and we still left people in the dark and cold. Many sleepless nights.
Personally: daughter graduated as a vet tech! whoo hooo! She's back for a second diploma in wildlife so she's gone again.
Haven't been on a date in 4 years, but have had 3 peices exhibited in a local art show - so that keeps me busy when I'm trying not to work.
Hope you are all well. Not sure if I'll catchup tonight, or another night

Wilf Day

Glad you're back.

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so like obv, Francesca. Welcome back.


It's rural - FRANCESCA! YAY!

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WB RF....................


Cheers, RF, and great pics!

Are you able to tell us about the dispute that babble helped resolve??

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I was contacted by Kim Love our Liberal candidate, there was a nasty gun registry editorial about her *off to look for link* and as she seeks to respond the editor claimed the paper had not recieved an "pro" gun registry letters.  She was hoping I could change that.


Well last November I wrote a letter to the editor about the gun registry and I knew I had posted it to Babble, as I'd had a couple of computer changes since then and wasn't sure if I had a copy.


So I was able to find the letter on here and send it off.  I then posted it to Facebook where it has made the rounds as well.