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Traveling for Work

Hey babblers.

I've wanted to start this thread since I began traveling for a part time job of mine in May, so better late than never.

My job has been to go to a number of locations across Ontario and do advanced anti-oppression training. Needless to say it's been very very challenging and I've been tired and haven't had energy to babble and mod as much as I usually do.

I'm heading to my last training on Tuesday: 3 days in Sudbury.

Anything fun, yet low key for a couple of city gals to do in Sudbury, without a car? I believe we will be downtown near Lloyd / Paris / Notre Dame.

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Listen to Stompin' Tom's "Sudbury Saturday Night". Tongue out Seriously, I think Sudbury has gotten more cosmopolitan than it used to be when INCO ran everything. I think they even have a decent concert hall nowadays. And the superstack has scrubbers on it now, and the city has done its best to go green. I used to visit often when I lived halfway between Sudbury and North Bay, when I was still on the lam.



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 "On the lam"? That sounds like a story, Boom Boom. (That's not where you got your handle is it?) Surprised

I was in North Bay last week, and I was in Eiliot Lake, via Sudbury, last month. The bright green grass-covered slag heaps were scary, that's all I have to say.

Sadly I won't be in Sudbury on a Saturday night. 


I would rent a car, and go for a drive, and get out on the Shield and do some looking at rocks.  It would be a gniess thing to do, as long as a black bear didn't scare the schist out of you.  And, there's always the chance that you might hook up with a pegmatite dike.  I know, I know, the rocks there are 2.5 to 3 billion years old and don't seem to be going anywhere soon, but I dunno, I wouldn't take them all for granite.

Maybe you don't even need a car:


I've never been there, but looking at the web site, it looks like a good way to spend a few hours.  Who knows, you might pick up some uproariously funny pun material, if nothing else.

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Oh Tommy. Thanks for the chuckle.

Renting a car is beyond the budget, but thanks for the ideas and puns nonetheless.


Tommy Paine wrote:
 you might hook up with a pegmatite dike.

Pride is next weekend!


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Science North is great - I've been there several times. Try not to go when there's a school tour in progress (yellow buses are a clue...).

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listen to k'naan when ur driving just thought of that try it.


I think Tommy has drawn up a pretty good slate.  I know others may disagree with that sediment.