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remind wrote:
Not to make light of the 3 year delay, nor your turning 63, but at least it will be done before you actually get to be a senior.

True, I suppose - but folks here on the LNS were first promised a road connecting us to the rest of Quebec back in 1943! Frown

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Wow, 57 years later eh!

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Every government at every level has been flat-out lying to us for 60 years about the road. Why people here even bother to vote anymore is a mystery to me.

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Guess they are not voting the correct way.

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Bingo tonight at the co-op.  I have been calling for 14 years.  I like to say that I haven't won in 14 years.  Tonight a new member (new Canadian family) came up after the first game and asked why I was always using letters when I called out the numbers.

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I worked as a security pig at a huge BINGO operation in Miississauga in my student days, and I wondered the same thing. I was told announcing the letters with the numbers moved the game along faster.



I once annoyed a couple of avid Bingo players by dryly asserting that I had the perfect strategy for playing bingo.  That caught their interest, and I lowered my voice in a conspiratorial tone, and said:

"When they call out the number, I mark it off on my card."

And winked.

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Veggie Trader


A place to trade, buy and sell produce online. Just USA so far, but we can ask them to accommodate us or make our own. 

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First frost of the year last night, fortunately I had taken the geraniums out of the ground in the afternoon and brought them (potted) indoors. I don't understand why people insist on buying new ones each year. The foilage is attractive year round... they will continue to bloom if you are fortunate enough to have a south facing window to put them in... and the plants are naturally long-lived. I kept one set going through 4 summers and they only succumbed because the sibling who promised to water them during a dry spell .... didn't.

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Ya, I heard ya'all had black ice over in AB, that caused a major accident.

Covering our tomatoes tonight, even though we are expecting record breaking high temps this week, it is cold out and snow has gotten lower on the mountains.

Also, am trying my hand at writing a script. ;)

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Our power is off again, for the second time this week.Yell

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Turns out a power line came down on a residential pproperty - still waiting for Hydro to get out here and fix it. Power's been off almost 14 hours now. I have a small generator which I've used to make coffee, toast, and charge my laptop, not much good for larger items. I think I'm going to order a massive generator on wheels that can power up everything when the power goes out.

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It froze last night, grrrr........

Skinny Dipper

I'm going to The Word on the Street in Toronto today.  It's a book festival with books, authors, and possibly rain.  It's being held at the north end of Queen's Park.  Museum subway stop.  St. George or Bay will also work if you don't feel like transferring from the Bloor to University line.  Events are being held in Vancouver, Kitchener, Toronto, and Halifax today.

Word on the Street--Toronto


Hey, did you see rabble.ca's booth there today, Skinny Dipper?  oldgoat and I were staffing our booth between 1-4 p.m. today. :)

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Our winter carnivals - an essential staple of the Lower North Shore - look to be cancelled because we have no winter. Frown


What's happening locally?  I live in Oshawa FFS.  The question itself borders on mean.

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Ice on some patches on the driveway, and maybe instead of standing water on the roof, but it's sunny and the ice will melt. Tomorrow is a New Year's Day swim (in the Pacific) for those crazy enough to do that and it should be a good day to be boating ON the water if you'd rather not be IN it.

The last time I swam in the ocean it was early September (with a "shorty" 2 mm wetsuit) and that was cold enough thank you.

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I live beside the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and I haven't been in the water yet.



ps: Oldgoat: Laughing

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All the snow is melting here.  My backyard looks really gross right now as chicken and duck poo doesn't melt.  I snowblow paths through it and they spend the days walking up and down the tracks.  Not so bad when each new snowfall covers the previous days leavings but now....it's all layering together.   I'm wondering if in the spring the parts of the grass which have all this fine fertilizer on it will grow better in the pattern of the snowblow tracks.


eta:  I just let the dogs out. The ducks have struck mud again!  They're quacking like crazy when their bills aren't in it.  Before they arrived I didn't realize how much mud and dirt ducks end up eating and sloshing around.  Checkens peck and scratch.  Ducks shovel.


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Nice and warm here too.  I went out with little boy refuge and was he able to be in just a winter jacket.  He was so happy not to be so bundled, as to be a character in a Christmas Story, or have his hands covered he was yelling with delight in the store.  

Down the street there is New Years celebration for those willing to brave the rain but we are spending the night inside.

OG, I grew up in Oshawa, so understand what your saying.