Why go out?

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Why go out?

I wonder why I am up here on this stage when I’d rather be at home, when being at home would be so much more comforting. And I wonder why all of you are sitting there in the audience, when so many of you would also be happier at home.

At home, you can wear your pyjamas. No one is going to snub you or disappoint you. At Trampoline Hall, you could be snubbed or disappointed. The whisky is not cheap. It is less depressing to think the same thoughts you thought yesterday than to have the same conversation you had last week. Few of us will get laid. Why did we go out? My father never goes out. His emotional life is absolutely even keel. He is a deeply rational person. He doesn’t see the advantages.

For many years I have asked myself, Why do you spend time with other people? but I never really attempted to come up with an answer. I always believed I was asking myself a rhetorical question, but recently I’ve wanted to find an answer, because a question you ask yourself a thousand times eventually deserves to be answered.

And I figure if I know why I go out, I might feel less suspicious of myself for going out. I might criticize myself less. I might be able to look around a party without thinking, What a fool—why did you come—you should have stayed at home.

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Interesting article - how did you find it? Surely the topic has been researched before?


I don't care to go out anymore - I'm 62 and I've had an interesting life, and there's very little that could compel me to move back to the city and go out. That's why life here in the boondocks is more or less ideal for me.


Because restaurant chefs cook better than I do. :D

We haven't gone out much in the past few weeks because we've been sick, so we've mostly been going to work, coming home exhausted, and relaxing in the evenings and on weekends. 

But we go out way too much for supper.  An easy luxury for two incomes, something I didn't do so much when living alone.  So the past week or two, we've been eating at home way more, and now I feel reluctant to go out because we've actually been enjoying spending time at home, home-cooking our meals, etc.

But there is a certain charm to going out and having someone else doing the cooking and someone serving you a beer or cider.  And it's an easy way of socializing, without having to cook for other people, or clean your washroom so someone can come and visit.


I've got three little (and very high energy kids) at home. If Mrs. Tea and I didn't get out on occasion, I think we'd go crazy. Sometimes we need to be husband and wife, not just mom and dad. Sometimes, we just need a break and a simple pleasure like going to dinner and a movie is very much appreciated. 


depends what you mean by "going out"...

but life needs to be lived.  there are things i want to participate in whether it's seeing people i care about, playing in a band, marching in protest, eating, etc. it all involves leaving the apartment.  

on the flipside, if i don't feel like leaving, i don't.  even if people are bugging me to go out with them.  Also, there have been many times when i didn't feel like leaving the house but then had a great time when i did or when i stayed home and regretted not seeing a great concert...

just do what makes you happy and avoid the stuff that doesn't and you'll be fine.