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Just heard a gaggle of Canada geese heading south.
I'll be happier when they come back.



Originally posted by clersal:
[b]Just heard a gaggle of Canada geese heading south.
I'll be happier when they come back.[/b]

Don't hold your breath. My understanding is that Harper has sent them to Kandahar.

[i]Requiescant in pace.[/i]

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I spent the afternoon painting my new place. Still have lots to do, but the weather at least is not too cold or wet to do the exterior. I'm looking after my neighbour's dog for seven weeks, and we head out for a walk three, sometimes four, times a day, usually ten miles altogether. Was on the island tonight - gorgeous at high tide and at dusk (I live in a small village on the Gulf of St. Lawrence). I expect it'll be two more months before we get the skidoos out.


Oh dear. I shuddered when I saw the title of this thread.

Well, today we picked the last of the peaches from our tree. (Yes, we have a peach tree in our Halifax backyard.) Last week, we made several bottles of peach conserve which involves some oranges and almonds as well as the peaches. We've been eating lots of them but I may still decide to make some peach chutney. (I'm pretty sure I've said this before but the problem with peaches is, they all ripen at the same time.)

And speaking of ripening, our grapes are just reaching the point where we're going to have to do something with them. Every year, we eat 'em, make grape jelly, etc. One of these days, if we ever get our act together, perhaps we'll make some wine.

But winter? I had to go in the mid-afternoon and put on one of the summer sundresses because it was so hot.

clersal, winter? Bite your tongue! [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img]


Yes it was lovely here too. Very warm and sunny although this morning it looked like it was going to be cloudy and lousy so I telephoned the neighbour complaining about the weather people who don't know their asses from their elbows and can't even predict a day ahead. I went on and on and lo and behold the sun came out!

Damn geese are still heading south the damn turncoats.

West Coast Greeny


It's not even the end of Summer yet!

Although... it is raining, and 5 degrees, and windy.

The weather in Edmonton gets better over the next 4 months... right?

Right? [img]eek.gif" border="0[/img] [img]frown.gif" border="0[/img]


least we forget, Autumn heralds the transition between summer and winter. I love Autumn more than any other season. It is a time of the year that is all about change and transition and reminds us that there is absolutely nothing in the universe that is static. That everything, including ourselves, is transitory and moving on.


otter, my daughter feels just as you do about autumn. she finds it invigorating in both body and spirit.

although i've enjoyed 54 autumns now, mostly because it's riding season and the hunts are on, i love the almost changeless warmth of southern florida. autumn, for me, is a harbinger of winter, and as an outdoor lover who hates the
cold, it's a season to be endured.

i did, however, go swimming yesterday.[we're in stratford]





[img]eek.gif" border="0[/img]

Stephen Gordon

Meh. Could be worse. It could be snowing *inside* your window.


Had that happen once. I was renting a dingy attic in an old house on a hill in Midland Ont., and sleeping on a mattress on the floor. A section of window was missing, and I stuffed a cardboard box in the hole. Blew out one night in a blizzard, and I awoke to find snow covering me and banked up along my mattress.

Ah those were the days.

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When I moved to the coast (Quebec Labrador) to the island of Harrington Harbour in 1994, I lived in a drafty wood cabin (with insulation and plastic siding on the outside) and it snowed in my bedroom several times. I even kept a snow shovel beside the bed. I lived in that house until I moved further down the coast to an apartment in Kegaska in 2002 and this summer, still in Kegaska, into my own home.

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West Coast Greeny

Last 4 posts had me laughing my ass off.

I lived in the Okanagan Valley my whole life and just moved to Edmonton this fall for university. I have twice had to go outside when it's been below -20 degrees C, and we haven't had over a foot of snow on the ground in about a decade.

I brought a light winter jacket and workboots (I may also have gloves) with me for the months ahead as I commute the 1 km by foot to classes at 7:30 AM.

I may be in for a rude awakening.

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Or you could rent a place down here and realy enjoy the spring!
Have you tried dehydrated grapes from your own vine, yum! But last year I got stung by a wasp, left it too late in the day to gather them, and then could hardly see...



Originally posted by oldgoat:



[img]eek.gif" border="0[/img] [/b]

Hee! I saw that yesterday too. I was talking on the phone last night to my son who is in Mississauga, and he was all excited about it. "Mommy, it SNOWED!"

That wasn't the first snowfall though. Remember a couple of Thursdays ago when we were at that little shindig, oldgoat? The host and I were the last to leave since we were cleaning up, and this was probably around 10:30 or 11, I guess. And when we left - there was a dusting of snow on the ground. It was still September!


It was snowing on my way home last night. Look out the window about 7:30pm and there it is, just coming down. I am now depressed.

Sans Tache

Buffalo and Fort Erie received 40 cm of snow last night.

I'm dreaming of a white Christmas, I mean Holloween...


Up here in the not-yet-frozen North, it still isn't winter, at least not in the southern part of Yukon. The ground is finally starting to freeze and stay frozen in shady places, and soon the ponds and lake shallows will be freezing over for good. We haven't had any snow here yet except on the mountains, but may get some this weekend. Out here in the bush we look forward to freezing weather, to preserve our moose meat (hanging quarters). By November it should definitely be wintery here, with 10 to 20 cm of snow on the ground. Folks in town probably hate it, but out here it's just part of the scheme of things.

I've lived in eastern cities, and believe me, that is the absolute worst part of Canada for rotten weather that I've experienced. I have many unpleasant memories of being half frozen waiting for a bus, in a blizzard amid wet snowdrifts and filthy slush. Here in the Yukon we hardly ever get that kind of miserable storm or huge dumps of snow that characterize eastern winters in the city.

That being said, the gardener in me sure wishes our growing season was a month longer ...


I haven't seen any snow around here yet although it's been hovering just above the freezing point at night. If other Toronto babblers saw some maybe I wasn't paying attention.
On the bright side, we won't be getting any more oppressive heat. On the hottest summer days it's too hot to enjoy the outdoors and any activity makes me drenched with sweat. At least in the winter we can put on more warm clothes. Sometimes it's OK to put on insulated boots, hat, gloves, and a good coat and go out in -40C weather.
Anybody care to join me for a stroll? It's better than moping around and being depressed. [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img] [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]


This is all so odd. We drove from Halifax to Amherst and back today. (The Dad of one of our best friends died and we went to his funeral.) It's just under a three-hour drive, depending on traffic and conditions and we went through many weathers: dark scudding clouds, heavy fog, drizzle, mist, hazy sunshine, brilliant sunshine.

But, hey, it's Nova Scotia so this is ordinary.

The only thing all the weathers had in common was the temperature -- warm. On the way home, we had the air conditioner on in the the sunny hot car.

In Halifax right now, it's sunny and 19 degrees.

I'm not saying this to gloat or boast -- I mean, I'm not responsible for the weather. It's just that it seems so odd that it should be as it is here and cold and snowy in southern Ontario.


[url=,1,7682885.s..., it could be worse - we could live in Buffalo, NY![/url]

I just heard about it this morning - they got a couple of feet of snow, and their power was out overnight. Hopefully they've got it back now.

Any Buffalo babblers?

(Buffalo babblers won'tcha come out tonight, won'tcha come out tonight, won'tcha come out tonight...)

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Winter in Winnipeg means gigantic winds. Winds that rip shingles off buildings. Winds that blow glass out of buildings spraying the citizenry below with shards of glass. Streets that are closed. Bridges that are damaged by vehicle crashes. This is the announcement of winter in Winnipeg. I am coming and you can't stop me.

Mind you, I'm still riding the bike. The wind sometimes causes me to come to a complete halt, or walking speed. It's sorta amusing.

This Friday, 13 October, 2006. The world has a new undisputed chess champion. And the wind in Winnipeg sends glass and debris flying into the streets. ahh

West Coast Greeny

OK. Now it is winter.

Not getting any warmer than -5 here for the last 4 days and it just snowed another 5 cm. There's about 10, maybe 15 cm on the ground now.

By the way, does Edmonton bother with snowplows? Like, at all?

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Rain here, no snow. Unusual - I usually have my skidoo by now.


Whitehorse is -22C with a wind chill dropping it to -35C
It's winter [img]biggrin.gif" border="0[/img]

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Originally posted by Boom Boom:
[b]Rain here, no snow. Unusual - I usually have my skidoo outside by now.[/b]

ETA: currently 6C with light rain.


In Halifax, it was a little shower-y and foggy earlier and it's 14 degrees. By Friday, it's expected to be a high of 19 and a low of 15. And chance of showers. It's great for the fuel bill.

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The temps are rising here, too. Expected to be 13C here by Friday, but with rain mixed with sun. Weird weather for us, but I don't mind. Maybe I'll get the hose out and wash the truck for the last time before winter hits. It could use a wash and wax. And there's some painting I can do on the house. Painting outdoors in [i]November[/i] - there's a first!



Painting outdoors in November - there's a first!

Yes, indeed. And I have picked fresh herbs from the garden today. And our 12-year-old son is still wearing basketball shorts and t-shirts to school. And I have had my gloves on once, driving fairly early in the a.m. and wishing I had a fuzzy steering wheel. [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img]

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We've had several -6C overnights, but still no snow. In years past, we've had snow on the ground at Hallowe'en. Not this year, which is fine with me.

West Coast Greeny

Oh lord. Edmonton forecast.

Tomarrow: High 0, Low -6
Wed Afternoon falling to -10, evening low -14
Thu Afternoon steady at -13, evening low -17
Fri Afternoon falling to -18, evening low -25
Saturday: High -23, Low -27.

I'm beginning to see Klien's attack on Kyoto as sensible, I wouldn't want to go through this every winter either. [img]tongue.gif" border="0[/img]

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Well, it's November 20, I'd say we're overdue for some snow and cold weather. Right now we're at 1C and the coldest weather in our forecast is Thursday at -4C. Possibility of snow flurries tonight and tomorrow, but I haven't seen any yet.

ETA: Forecast calls for -8C on Saturday.

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We had warm and sunny again in Halifax today and now -- 11 p.m. -- it's about eight degrees above.

My brother-in-law was here on the weekend -- he lives in Antwerp -- and simply couldn't believe it, with everyone going about in shorts and t-shirts.

So it's either a really good thing or a really bad thing. (If lagatta were here, I'm pretty sure she'd agree with me that lovely warm weather can only be a good thing. [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img] )


-18C today with the wind picking up.
Low of -32 for Tuesday
Highs of -29, -25 the next two days.
Winters here.

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BTW, today I noticed new grass where I seeded late this year, and a tulip bulb has sprouted - it's not supposed to until the spring. But we've had an unusual amount of rain and warm weather this month. It hit 12C Saturday!

West Coast Greeny


Originally posted by glasstech:
[b]-18C today with the wind picking up.
Low of -32 for Tuesday
Highs of -29, -25 the next two days.
Winters here.[/b]

You don't have to share your weather with us you know. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]

Vansterdam Kid

Vancouver is such a dirty tease. It was cloudy, and even a bit rainy today, but then when the sun was about to go down, it became nicer. You could even see the sun, albeit on it's way down. But still, it was a ridiculous tease after such a grey and all-purpose bleh day.


Winnipeg has been cold then mild, cold then mild several times since mid-October. A few snowfalls, but several melts too. Odd for this time of year, I gather. Usually early November is the last time you see the sidewalks.

Last winter was awesome - snowy, but very few -30 days. And summer was incredible.

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Today, November 22nd ... I'm going for a bike ride ... [i]in my shorts.[/i] Boy is this weird.


FroM ECG Quote
"You don't have to share your weather with us you know."

Yukoners are not selfish, we'll give this weather away.
-24C today, -29C for Thursday and -31C for Friday
Then a warming trend!!
Anything is warm after this.


Friday it's going to be eleven in Toronto. My husband's still riding the bike to work, and he's been wearing gloves for a few weeks, but hasn't needed the balaclava yet. Not a skiff of snow so far--we won't have to bring in the military just yet.

I feel a bit low in the winter, and have book-marked [url=]the coldest place on earth[/url] as a diversion. Though Vostok is relatively balmy these days. Their high is -29C, and the projected low is -42C. Ah, spring in Antarctica!

West Coast Greeny


Originally posted by Sineed:
I feel a bit low in the winter, and have book-marked [url=]the coldest place on earth[/url] as a diversion. Though Vostok is relatively balmy these days. Their high is -29C, and the projected low is -42C. Ah, spring in Antarctica![/b]

That could backfire you know. Vostok in midsummer could very well be warmer than parts of Canada in midwinter. Hell, Edmonton's only about 10 degrees warmer than that place at the moment. I'd suggest bookmarking some place in Greenland.

Oh yes, the temperature hasn't fallen too far yet (-17) but it is snowing HARD out. About 3 cm on the sidewalk in the span of about an hour, and it's not letting up at all. Only compound the problem of the ice on the sidewalk being smoother than the ice on my rink at home. I've seen 3 near-bails today.

Temperature is still supposed to plunge into the -30's by next week. [img]eek.gif" border="0[/img]

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the snow has fallen/
a cheerful, sunny Friday/
gentle white stillness.

What a difference a day or two makes.

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-19C when I got up this morning, took over an hour to get the house warmed up with the wood furnace. About five inches of snow on the ground. Lots more snow on the way this week. I have electric heaters but I tend not to use them at high temps - do that, and the hydro bills shoot way up. I wish electricity rates were lower. I wonder if hydro rates are a cash cow for Quebec Hydro or whether the rates simply reflect the true costs of maintaining the electric grid in Quebec?


Are you able to get a natural gas hook-up where you are, Boom Boom? My parents did after 20 years of the wood stove/baseboard electric heat combo at their place in central Ontario. It gets respectably cold, I can recall -45C, where they are. My dad is going on 71 and was finding the wood-chopping too onerous, so they were using the electric heat too much. Anyway, now that they have a high-efficiency furnace with natural gas, they are saving lots o' dough, my dad says.

In Toronto it's still a totally wimpy winter. It got all the way down to minus 4 overnight, and it's going up to plus one. A lot of the construction guys at the condo project down the street are not bothering with winter coats, instead doing the bare arms with the down-filled vests or the lumberjack shirts with the sleeves rolled up.

At my kids' school, when it gets below -15C, they have indoor recess because some people don't/can't buy proper winter clothing for their children. Right now they're having the "mitten drive," where folks can donate toques and mittens for less-well-off families.

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I wish we had natural gas. I think as soon as a pipeline is extended here, and I'm not holding my breath (we're not even connected by a road yet), folks will stop using firewood, especially if natural gas is cheaper. Next year, construction is supposed to begin on a road from La Romaine in the east to here, but I've heard nothing on a connecting road from here to Natashquan in the west. Along with connecting roads, natural gas, I'd like to see sewage treatment plants and sewers instead of everyone using septic tanks, but I doubt that will happen in my lifetime. We usually have two weeks of -40C/F weather every winter, and usually the power goes out at the worse possible time. I have a generator that will keep the furnace fan going, as well as provide a light or two.


My kids are clamouring for real winter weather, and I'm thinking of taking them to my folks' place, near Penetang, where they can romp in actual snow, and there are trails where people sometimes bring sled dog teams through.

Though at the moment, we're actually getting some reasonable snowfall. Soon my neighbour will be out throwing handfuls of salt on every last flake.

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One of the first things I did when I moved out of the apartment into my own home in July was to set up five bird feeding stations, and keep them stocked. Last night we got hammered with huge snowdrifts, and the bird feeding stations are under heavy snow. So, I just made another one, and set it in an area that doesn't get a lot of snow, and the birds are busy eating away. It's about 30 feet from my LR window and I have a telescope through which I can watch. Haven't gotten around to identifying what kind of birds they are, yet. Last winter I kept snow buntings fed all winter, but they're not back yet. Lots of snow here, I got stuck in my skidoo this morning in deep snow. Quite cold and windy last night.

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-25C when I got up this morning, so quickly got the fire going. Went outside to load up the bird feeder, and a rather chubby Mourning Dove, who, along with his or her partner, has been a regular at these feeders for six months, allowed me to walk right up to it at the feeder, before flying off. I think some of the birds are getting used to me.


This is from way back:


I've lived in eastern cities, and believe me, that is the absolute worst part of Canada for rotten weather that I've experienced. I have many unpleasant memories of being half frozen waiting for a bus, in a blizzard amid wet snowdrifts and filthy slush. Here in the Yukon we hardly ever get that kind of miserable storm or huge dumps of snow that characterize eastern winters in the city.

I have to give this a resounding WORD. Here in the Ottawa area the wet/frozen cycle has begun with the past weekend's ice storm. It alternates between sloppy precipitation that flash-freezes to a slick undercoat for snow, only to turn into a melting process that gets caught mid-melt by another temperature-plunging freeze. Over and over again, until sometime between March and April. It has me missing the dry winters in Edmonton, something I never thought I'd be saying. [img]tongue.gif" border="0[/img]

Boom Boom, I'm also trying to set up bird feeding facilities but my first attempt to hang a bird-seed bell was thwarted by some aggressive squirrels. They polished it off in about 2 days--at least some sparrows were able to get a few seeds in between. At the moment I'm trying to figure out how to hang a birdhouse outside my apartment's kitchen window. I do wish I had gotten on top of this before winter swooped in last week!


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