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a wonderful day


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An hour left in a really wonderful day. A special birthday with a round number at the end. Some babble. Some work. A few friends treat me to dinner. A rendition of "Danny Boy" by a friendly Tenor. A live performance at the Fringe. The music director is a friend and his production is outstanding. Then some gelati at Market Square to relax. A bit of a walkabout. Then home and a long distance chat with family.

Spoiled rotten and I'd almost forgotten what it was like.

duncan cameron

Happy birthday to a happy man. Seeing you enjoying yourself makes us all that much more aware of what is required to have a good evening: a good attitude.

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I knew my attitude was a good one because it was reflected right back at me. It's the amplitude of friendship.

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Thanks for that, Duncan.

I was getting a little full of myself just now.



Originally posted by N.Beltov:
I was getting a little full of myself just now.[/b]

Don't think of it as being full of yourself.

Think of it as being non-empty of yourself.

As duncan says, attitude is everything.

So have a happy birthday. Winnipeg needs a little happiness just around now.

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No shit. 15-year old boys drowning in hot asphalt. Taser atrocities left and right. Nerve toxins like malathion used on the citizenry when the bug count gets too high. A Mayor, and most of the Council, completely subservient to "developers" and throwing public money at private water slides, football stadiums, etc., like water thrown on a fire on a hot, summer day.

Which reminds me. Winnipegers do, however, have a gritty determination to have fun in the far too short summer. Winter is only 4 months away, after all.

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Happy birthday! Sorry I missed you earlier.

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I had three birthday messages on the voice mail when I got home ... and none of them were from family. It was like extra chocolates or something. Thx.


Happy birthday, dude. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]

Wilf Day

Indeed the start of a wonderful holiday weekend. I'm off to see[url=http://www.porthopeestival.ca/program.html] the Estival parade and umbrella contest:[/url]


Beginning at 11am on Saturday August 2nd, our Estival parade is no ordinary small town parade.

The parade will focus on a preview of what will be presented to the public over the following 2 days and will feature dance from Northumberland County’s numerous dance studios, Cultural Art including Traditional Thai costume and dance and other cultural artists.

Representation from not-for-profit service clubs and arts organizations including the Rotary Club, Lions, Kinsmen, Jazz Festival, La Jeunesse Youth Orchestra, and Friends of Music, to mention only a few, will be invited to participate in the parade. Among other colourful entries will include an adjudicated contest for the best dressed umbrella, plus there will be horses, musicians and many other colourful treats.

Featuring the Dragon Dancers of China including 15 martial artists, 5 of which will represent Canada in the Bejing Olympic Games later in the month and Tradtional Dress Thai Dancers are just a couple of the cultural treats your family can look forward to and don’t forget to bring your camera. Other treats include the 100th anniversary of the Buick, featuring approximately 40 to 50 vehicles, representation from various not-for-profit service and arts organizations from Northumberland County.

To bring colour to a new level we have launched an umbrella contest with expectation of over 200 dazzling umbrellas representing schoolchildren, retailers, bankers, restaurateurs and residents. Currently there are several challenges underway with Scotiabank leading the bank challenge for the best dressed umbrella, Jim’s Pizza has challenged the restaurateurs, Hill and Dale B&B has challenged the B & B’s, Inns and Hotels and Lord Rossborough has challenged Port Hope’s antique stores.