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Word on the street is tomorrow.  Good thing to do.


Should you find yourself among those so blessed as to live in the GTA, Rabble shall again have a presence.  We shall be, as before, roughly in the northeast area of Queens Park.

If you are around between 1 and 4 pm, the sun is guaranteed to shine, at least over our booth as Michelle and I will both be there pamphleteering and haranguing passersby, as is our customary wont.  Hope to see you!

Maysie should be there a bit later.  May be partially sunny.





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I'm going to arrive a bit early to hang out with my favourite paid babble moderators. Kiss

And I don't harangue. I politely share information. Laughing

Just don't let me buy any more books. I really shouldn't.


It was beautiful out today - as oldgoat says, we brought the sunshine with us.  It was even more sunny when Maysie took over from our shift! :)

I was good - I just got a subscription to Spacing Magazine (couldn't resist - only $25 for 2 years), and my son got a full set (4 each) of two comics by these indie guys on the other side of the tent rabble was in - they were called Possum, and Spy Guys.  And they're really funny!  Oh, and my son also got a book called "Humpty Dumpty was Pushed - and Other Cracked Tales" which the author signed for him.  So, actually, my kid made off better than I did this afternoon!  (And I'm the one who WORKED the event!)

Oh well. :)  I had a great time.  Met a whole bunch of people at the rabble booth.  Were any of you one of them? ;)

Papal Bull

I wish I was this year! I still have my rabble.ca shirt from when I volunteered, nigh on 4 years ago nyao! Stupid work :( But I did spend most of my shift reading comic books with nary a customer in sight, so that's good?