Representative versus Participatory Democracy in Canada: Role of Citizen Activism

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Mike, I login as Jmorelandavies and get as far as the Ginger Group page. When I press vote the system translates  back to employmentincentives user who has voted for Michael Z...the voting page set-up has changed since last night...I will see if I can begin again logging in as employmentincentives...just a minute: OK so unlike last night I can still login as employmentincentives and I have voted for u not recently but a few days ago and the previous voting appears on the Ginger Group Poll Vote Rank page.

Aug 12th-was able to login as employmentincentives today and went through steps right to the Ginger Group Babble page(s)

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Protrucio, epaulo13, trippie, and N. Beltov:

Protrucio wrote:

Aug 12th-was able to login as employmentincentives today and went through steps right to the Ginger Group Babble page(s)

That's the complete setup! Thanks for helping to debug the instructions (they're slowly getting better).

Next is the practise run. As you suggested off-forum, it's maybe inappropriate to use Babble for this. So here's a special thread for practise runs. We continue from there.

If you want to ditch the employmentincentives username, I can explain how to switch to a different one. (Just email me off-forum.) I've also tried to improve the instructions in this regard (step 1), so new users better understand the connection between email address and username.  It can be unexpected.

When you have Skype running, just use it to send me a message. Afterwards, you'll see when I'm online (weird hours, usually).


@Protrucio, epaulo13, trippie, and N. Beltov: Thank you all for contributing to the ideas behind guerilla gardening for participatory democracy. The ideas came out of this thread, and I think they're very promising! Thanks also to Alex Rollin who contributed from the Votorola list. (There's another thread over there, on the same topic.)




So Much For Democracy

"I am not saying that Stephen Harper is another Hitler, even in embryo. But as I watch his masterful and ruthless manipulation of his situation as a minority prime minister, I am certainly struck by his blend of poliitcal accuity, deceptiveness and cunning...The impact and consquences for the health of democracy, freedom of expression, and the state of human rights protection in Canada is unparalleled.."

See and Sign Petition

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NoDifference par....the article below which you provided the link to is very well conceived and written I think. Thank you!!!!!

So much for democracy - TheNovaScotian -

I am now really beginning to wonder what an exemplary or proto-typical/authentic participatory democracy might look like.  What characteristics would it have? Can anybody help me with this?

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I guess the petion really does begin to address my question. Here is a short excerpt from the petition:

United, we call upon the Government of Canada to:

1. Respect the right to freedom of opinion and expression. Therefore,

  • Cease to deliberately target those who speak out against government policies with the use of smear campaigns, dismissal from employment, funding cuts, blatant and subtle threats, regulations designed to obfuscate and prevent public debate, and other acts of bad faith.
  • Commit to parliamentary hearings in the Fall of 2010 that address widespread concerns about the loss of democratic space in Canada.

2. Act in accordance with Canada’s democratic traditions and values. Therefore,

  • Actively promote and support political diversity and public debate, instead of avoiding it.
  • Recognize and respect the vital role, expertise, and necessary independence of civil society organizations.

3. Be transparent. Therefore,

  • Demonstrate full respect for and accountability to the Parliament of Canada and the Canadian People.
  • Allow complete access for Canadians to information regarding public policy decisions.

Please see:

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Participatory Institutions are being advocated by the United Nations and the World Bank: why?

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The P2P Foundation"reconnects with the older traditions and attempts for a more cooperative social order, but this time obviates the need for authoritarianism and centralization; it has the potential of showing that the new more egalitarian digital culture, is connected to the older traditions of cooperation of the workers and peasants, and to the search for an engaged and meaningful life as expressed in one’s work, which becomes an expression of individual and collective creativity, rather than as a salaried means of survival."

check it out at:

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Distributed networks versus centralized networks: See

Also posted at Peer to Peer Networking and Democracy


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