Who'll run Canada's biggest town?

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Whatever the proportion of people who have landlines is, cut that number by three-quarters because of caller ID.


These polling challenges of dealing with cell phones and caller ID etc...are the same ones that polling companies have to deal with when they do polls about federal and provincial politics - and yet in the last round of provincial and federal elections - the final polls very closely matched the final popular vote.

I still remember how in the dying days of the 2003 mayoral race when several polls showed that Barbara Hall had collapsed to a distant third - her supporters and her campaign tried to put out talking points that the polls were all wrong and were missing her support because she supposedly had SOOOO much support among young people who only have cell phones and among New Canadians who don't respond to polls because they don't speak English very well. In the end she did even worse on election with 11% of the vote what the final polls predicted.