Amir Khadir calls PKP an "aggressive capitalist"

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Amir Khadir calls PKP an "aggressive capitalist"

I know that this is like saying the Pope is Catholic and a bear shits in the woods, but PKP is trying to "refaire une virginité", speaking out against the Couillard government's aggressive austerity policies. Khadir states the obvious: that Pierre-Karl is an old fashioned "exploiter of workers" and union basher and buster.

It must be a bit strange for PKP to be the MNA for St-Jérôme, a town north of Montréal in the lower Laurentians that has experienced several major factory closings, where there is a lot of unemployment and poverty. MNA's staffs, like thos of federal MPs, have to deal with the day-to-day problems of their constituents. Not that PKP would have anything to do with that on a daily basis, but still...

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