Amir Khadir featured in L'Actualité

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Amir Khadir featured in L'Actualité



Very nice, long, sympathetic feature article. Given that he's already the most popular politician in Québec, not sure where this will take him:

[url= Khadir: Rebel in the blue chamber[/url]

He's the PQ's nightmare, and the thorn in the National Assembly's side. Still, Quebeckers are enamoured of Québec solidaire's lone elected member. Portrait of a man of principle who loves to stir the pot.

[my rough translation of the intro]

En français seulement...



Thanks for the link, unionist. The article is actually pretty OK—I'm pleasantly surprised.


[url=]Amir Khadir explains his recipe for success[/url]



It looks like he will be in for a great deal of success in the next election.