First Nations woman records racist abuse by hospital staff before she dies

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Yes, there is, and has been for quite a while: That is a government site, but this day and month had been advocated well before that by Indigenous political, historical and cultural associations. It culminates in National Indigenous Peoples' Day, the 21st of June (Boreal Summer Solstice). I've worked on that for years here. Of course it pretty much disappeared this year.

I was also pleased to see Native Lives Matter posters nearby, in my neighbourhood.

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I am behind the First Nation leaders who are demanding their own hospitals to care for their people with dignity. Even if it means hospitals the size of those found in many small towns across Canada, that would be a far cry better than what is happening now. STEM education has to improve for First Nation children as well as education as a whole so that there are increasingly more First Nation members entering and graduating from the medical field. They can then be the future providers of quality and culturally embracing health services.

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And let's hope they can include their traditional healing ways as well without any interference from the CMA.