Montréal Mayor Gérald Tremblay quits

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I don't even get the thing about not drinking coffee... there isn't even a 12-step-programme for that.


Mayor Gilles Vaillancourt of Laval, the suburb on the island north of Mtl Island (and one of the largest cities in Québec) has admitted his guilt and is headed to the pen...

It is always sad to open old threads and encounter the ghosts of late regretted babblers...




Ken Burch, on December 12, 2012 wrote:

So...when do Mayor Applebaum and the rest of the lot have to face the actual voters again? 

Unionist, on December 12, 2012 wrote:

November 2013. Lots will happen before then. Trust me. Or rather, mistrust them.

For the record - Mayor Applebaum was arrested at his home and led away in handcuffs on June 17, 2013. He won't have to face the voters again!

Ken Burch

Thanks for the updates. 

Ken Burch

lagatta wrote:

I don't even get the thing about not drinking coffee... there isn't even a 12-step-programme for that.

No, but there is the option of converting to Mormonism.

Ken Burch

Unionist wrote:

Gérald Tremblay has got his wish. He started testifying before the Charbonneau Commission this morning - resumes at 2 pm eastern time.

In the bits I've caught so far: He never eats breakfast or lunch. After his 17-18 hour work day, he'd eat with his wife around 8:30 pm at home. He has never drunk coffee or smoked cigarettes. He learned the values of honesty and integrity from his parents. He never heard of any corruption or collusion or questionable financing of his party - except of course the rumour that Guy Coulombe passed along, at the very beginning of his mayoralty, about "brown envelopes" circulating in city hall - but there was no proof, and he never asked the police to look into it. He didn't know about his right-hand man Frank Zampino's friendship and frequent cruises and trips to Vegas with Tony Accurso, Paolo Catania, etc.

He is a good man.


But where does he come down on the cute little kitties and puppies question?


La Fête des Maires - And another one bites the dust! Sexual touching of a minor this time He had been accused of the more serious charge of sexual assault. Evidently she was 13 when this began.