Quebec election -- final 2 weeks and decision April 7th

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I know almost nothing about him; I was only referring to his obtuse and insulting commentary.

By the way, at one point in his life, Benito Mussolini was definitely on the left. Perhaps one of the reasons he had such a personal animus for Gramsci.

Wilf Day

Pogo wrote:

I don't think you can put him on a left right spectrum.  He is more like WAC type Socred mixed in with a bit of Albert Schweitzer environmentalism.  Plus any number of hobby horse causes.  Cap it off with a need to connect anything to day to the important stuff done 'back in my day'.

You make Rafe Mair sound almost rational.  Wink In fact, he is one-of-a-kind. He exemplifies why criminal defence lawyers elect jury trials in hard-to-win cases: you never know what some jurors will do. Rafe Mair belongs on that jury; he gets it right half the time. As for the Tyee, they print him because he's readable, and BC readers love him even when they hate him. 


voice of the damned wrote:

I think Mair has gone somewhat to the left since his infamous stint as a Socred cabinet minister.

Yes indeed, Rafe Mair is noticeably to the left of Benito Mussolini.

And I am a lifelong opponent of capital punishment, which is why I fervently believe Rafe Mair should die a peaceful, natural death in the bosom of his loving family. I will mourn him as I did the great Jim Flaherty, that irrepressibly funny Irishman who gave so much of himself to something or other.

And thanks, everyone, for your heartfelt and enlightened comments on the Québec elections and their aftermath.




Jeremy Searle is at it again:


City councillor Jeremy Searle declared himself a handicapped person and threatened to sue anyone who derides him about his reported problem with alcohol at the start of a monthly borough council meeting in Côte-des-Neiges–Notre-Dame-de-Grâce on Monday night.

“Effectively, anyone who harasses me (over) a handicap, a problem with alcohol, opens (himself) up to a lawsuit,” Searle told the meeting, switching between French and English. He then identified the resident by name.

“I forgive her,” Searle said of the resident, whom he added wasn’t present at the meeting. “I forgive everybody. But as of this moment, anybody who breaks Quebec law and tries to harass me on the basis of a physical handicap will feel the weight of the law coming down on them like a ton of bricks.”

Guess he was getting tired of reports that his constituents were noticing him showing up shitfaced at every council meeting.

“Absolutely. yes. I am on a medically ordained program of a bit of alcohol from time to time so as to avoid things seizures, heart attacks, that sort of stuff, right? But, it does not affect my work,” he said.

You know, the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Wonder which doctor ordained that.

But I'll grant him the same courtesy I would Rob Ford: Leave public life tomorrow, and you can be left alone all you like.

“I'm on a medically-mandated decreasing dose of alcohol, so naturally at certain times you will smell alcohol on my breath,” he told CBC News.

Oh, I see. Kind of like Ford's doctors told him to cut back on the drinking, so as long as he's drinking less than a fifth of vodka before every council meeting, it's practically a prescription. Wonder if he drives to council meetings from NDG or not. Doesn't seem like the type to take the bus and potentially mix with those ash-boring bugs.