Ricochet media lawsuit settled out of court

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Ricochet media lawsuit settled out of court

Ricochet media is my favorite Quebec based news commentary site, it provides news commentary from a progressive perspective that is unique to what you'll find on any other Quebec news outlet with both an english and french section (and these different sections don't just translate each other, both sections have their own writers with exclusive content so its worth checking both sections.)

Well Richard Martineau sued Ricochet for 350,000$ for a satirical comic they posted about him a few years ago hoping that this small publication would go out of business because it couldn't afford the court costs (thankfully those were covered through crowd funding.) Today the lawsuit was settled out of court, which is a huge victory for press freedom and progressives in Quebec.


This is a complete and total loss for Martineau as "Ricochet said it did not provide compensation or an apology of any kind."

Hilariously Martineau who has according to Radio Canada published over 700 anti Muslim columns on the Journal de Montréal over the past 10 years and in my opinion (along with other JdM columnists) was instrumental in creating that anti-Muslim climate that resulted in the Charter of Values and Bill 21, claims that he settled because he doesn't want to create further polarization in Quebec society.

Its a great day for Quebec media.


Yes, I was thrilled. Martineau is a "hate of the week" type, attacking cyclists, poor people, you have it. But the anti-Muslim stuff stuck. After the Christchurch mosques attack, lots of people are recognising that it is poison.

Most of the people killed by violent Islamist terrorists were themselves Muslims. Most of the Yemenis Saudi Arabia is pummelling are Muslims.