Student Strike, Social Struggle #11

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kropotkin1951 wrote:

 Like the CBC though if you pick through the propaganda you can find some relevant facts.


This is a good rule of thumb for ALL media.


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change is possible, for sure.  i'm pretty confident too that gnd knows his history.  as our friends across the arabian/persian gulf remind us:

Access to education was central to the Quebecois struggle, a series of mass protests in 1969 called operation McGill francais forced McGill University to provide courses and administrative access in French, after thousands converged at McGill's symbolic gates in mass protests that involved confrontations with Montreal police. Social unrest also lead to the creation of Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM) in 1969, a government response to striking students and growing popular demands for broader access to French language university studies, today UQAM is a key hub to the current student strike movement.

During this era in Quebec calls to abolish tuition fees began to ring out on the streets, a mass student strike in 1974 and again in 1978 saw hundreds of thousands of students striking in a standoff with the government over tuition fees, students lost that battle for an end to tuition but won major hikes in student loans and bursaries programs.



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