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Kaka and office 2010 professionalInter Milan, after the rumor is Kaka and AC Milan, which is a given interesting phenomenon. In this connection, a telephone contact closely linked with the Brazilian football agent Rideau. It is in to explain, in the summer, Kaka's father is bamboo shirtsindeed in contact with Inter Milan in the last two months, he and Galliani also had close contact, and met. gucci bagInterestingly, both Galliani, or Kaka's father, and hope that such contacts conducted in secret, but do not know what the reason is and Milan reveal the sources of the news. Rideau said to his father and AC Milan, Kaka himself is actually in contact. rolex submarinerSee the club in constant recruiting, especially that they're not Mike Mussina's plan, the card first thought is to return to AC Milan to go. rolex submariner
But according to the understanding of Rideau, AC Milan players, especially former teammates Kaka, Kaka had still clearly remember how the left, whether it is Allegri, the team'shandbag wholesale veteran camp (Nesta , Gennaro Gattuso as the representative), or Strength (Ibrahimovic, Pato headed) do not want to see the card back to Milan. The father contact with Kaka Adriano Galliani news came to light, so that both AC Milan and Kakagucci sale himself in an awkward both, and embarrassing position. Kaka is natural Needless to say, Galliani is subjected to the pressure of the fans and the media, because both the fans and media think that the card is useless, AC Milan, is the real lack of Alessandro Nesta, Andrea Pirlo's replacement , and the strength of the wing faction.
Interestingly, louis vuitton handbags after Milan beat Chievo conference, when a reporter asked Allegri, "If, if, for example AC Milan, Kaka back, who should give him Teng position" when the Allegri finally gives a very clear statement, "Kaka? no one here will give him now to make room in his Real Madrid." Allegri said, adding that "I am for my existing players is very, very satisfaction, we are an important team, you can fight on all fronts. "When people'swholesale jewelry hearts softened to ask Allegri," you 'now' does not consider the card, then in January it? "This times chosen to avoid Allegri, and Milanello popular way of saying that "now the card in any teams, are very difficult to have their place ... ..." Galliani gucci purseand Silvio Berlusconi in the proposed think more of a lesson, while Shevchenko, MEDIASET a TV comedy show, it is recommended to consider Kaka Inter Milan, as "retaliation for AC Milan, Kakareplica watches is the introduction of Moratti Ibrahimovic the best candidate ... ..." and on Tuesday , AC Milan's forward line now is full member. Rx

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I agree completely ... Wink

Mods ??


And how thought this was a Football thread. A little something to make me forget Liverpool's disastrous play of late.

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Kaka's father is bamboo shirt? I guess that explains a lot...

You and me both, Caissa. Although Liverpool is worse off, Rooney has threatened to join Man City! And let's not talk about Hibs...


word in Europe is Rooney being sold off in January, maybe to Real, with whom ManU have  a tradition of selling high for slightly past-prime talent (Beckham) , plus Real has young talent (Benzema) to offer in return ...

maybe that is point that rxjxnn above was trying to articulate Undecided

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Well, Mourinho wants him (and speaks perfect English), and hooking up with Ronaldo again would be nice to see. And, of course, his private troubles in English tabloids would disappear in Madrid--but he's an English boy at heart, wants to stay in Manchester and grew up in the blue of Everton. He's made it clear he wants to join City (and the hurt it would put on Utd would be gravy, of course, having already lost Tevez to their rivals). And their Dubai congolmerate can easily afford him!

Rooney is no Beckham--he's in the prime of his career, only 24. Benzema has turned out to be a disappointment. It would be a terrible loss for Utd in many ways to lose their number 10.