Are we part of "global family" or "US elite family?"

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Are we part of "global family" or "US elite family?"


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RE: Duncan Cameron’s ”Mowing the Border”


Whether the US calls it the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” (SPP) or “NAFTA,” the result of these US-dominated structures is the same: only the rich, particularly the US rich will benefit.

20 years ago Mulroney promised that NAFTA would give Canada fairness in the softwood lumber issue. It didn’t. Instead, Harper “gave away the farm” on that issue, and now he wants to do it again with the SPP.

Grassroots Canada should finally realize, as the Latin American nations are realizing, that the US doesn’t want to JOIN with anyone; they want to DOMINATE everyone.

In April, Venezuala paid off all of its debt to the World Bank, and withdrew
membership from the World Bank and the IMF completely.

Ecuador expelled the World Bank representative from their country.

Argentina, Brazil, and Ecuador have all paid off their debts to the IMF.

A new Banco del Sur (Bank of the South) has been formed by Venezuala and
Argentina, with Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador, Paraguay agreeing to join.
Nicauragua, several Caribeann nations, and a few Asian nations have also
expressed interest. See links:



If Canada wants to consider ourselves part of the “global family” instead of just “the North American” family, we should follow the wisdom of the south, withdraw from the World Bank, and IMF, and join the Banco del Sur.

By adding our membership fee to this organisation, we would be taking PRACTICAL steps (not vaguely defined steps) to honoring the UN commitment to halving global poverty by 2015 (mentioned by Duncan Cameron’s rabble article,”Mowing the Border”).


Let’s all join in solidarity with the South’s new Banco del Sur (which just started this summer) and go to a summer demonstration against Bush’s arrival there in Ottawa, Sunday, Aug 19. For info, see link:


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If we want to be part of a global family we must toss the toe lickers and sycophants who currently occupy the Hill. And that includes the Liberals.


SPP and deep integration represent formal threats issued by the plutocracy to any future democratic control of our economy and sovereignty. Capitalism is fascism with the mask on.


Im not afraid of joining the USA... but what I think is important is for the workers to run the show..

Cnada will join the USA one way or another... If you want the workers to benefit then they must organize.

There is no use hoping that deep integration will not happen... It will and there is no reason that it should not...

What is alarming is how it is happening...

The capitalists are doing all the work... and the workers are left out ....