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Best of Rabble 2.0

To commemorate our relaunch, came up with a Best of book, full of some of the best features by rabble staff and columnists. It includes pieces by James Laxer, Libby Davies, June Chua, and Amber Vora - to name only a few.

Besides staff, babblers are the first to be able to get your hands on a copy. If you're interested, please send me an email at [email protected] and I will send you payment instructions.

The book costs $10.00, plus a shipping fee of $2.95 for Canadian residents.

The books are headed to my house right now, so I'll be able to send them out as soon as they arrive in the mail. My fingers are crossed that if you order right away, I'll be able to have them to you before the holidays draw to a close.


martin dufresne

Eek... it's not just tag lines anymore, the packaged wisdom advertisements are starting to invade the content column!!!


Tag lines are for trolling

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Now, there's a money-losing project if I ever saw one.

As René Magritte would say, "This is not a tag line". Only he'd say it in French. You may find it rather annoying to have to discipline yourself to ignore parts of certain other people's posts - but not everyone's. Wouldn't it be better to abolish them?


I haven't even figured out how to create a tagline on new babble yet! But if I did know how, I'd fill it with all the reasons to buy this great book. Wink


Let me try this tagline thingy out.



"All taglines are lies, especially this one."

- [i]René Magritte [/i]

duncan cameron

How about doing the best of babble for our next fund raiser?


That could work! But first we need to sell a few of these so we know it's worth it! Laughing


The books have arrived, so I urge everyone to use the email or send me a private message and I can mail one out right away.

Again, the email address is: [email protected]


Bump! I plan to keep bumping this thread as long as I have Best of Rabble books!


How are sales going Jrose. I can testify that it is well worth purchasing.


ceci n'est pas un tagline?



That's great to hear, Caissa! They're going slowly, but surely. We're planning a few small book launches in cities across the country, hopefully in late Winter/early Spring.


I own a copy, and highly recommend it!


Come to think of it, I also own a best of babble 1.0